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Introducing the Telex Airman 8+ Professional Pilot Headset

Telex announced the Telex Airman 8 Plus headset, their newest ultra-lightweight commercial pilot ANR headset this week. For use by commercial or business aviation pilots, the Airman 8+ brings more comfort and increased noise reduction to the 8 series headsets.

The Telex Airman 8+ is a deluxe headset for commercial and business aviation communications.  It has the same ultra-lightweight design as the Telex Airman 850 and Telex Airman 8 and adds new features for enhanced comfort, hearing protection, and ease of use.

What’s new with the Telex Airman 8+?

  • Larger ear seals for more ear coverage and increased comfort (2.75″ diameter versus 2.25″ for the Airman 8 and 2.0″ for the 850)
  • Significantly improved noise reduction (up to 22 dB versus 15 dB for the Airman 8 and 12 dB for the 850)
  • Now includes both thick and thin headpads for more comfort options as well as ear cushion covers
  • Limited rotation ear cups for increased stability
What's new with the Telex Airman 8+
What’s new with the Telex Airman 8+


Telex 8+, 8, and 850 Headsets Compared

Telex Airman 8+Telex Airman 8Telex Airman 850
Ear Cushion Diameter2.75″ (7 cm)2.25″ (5.7cm)2″ (5.1 cm)
Headband PadLarge and SmallSmallNone
Ear Cup AdjustmentRotational and LateralRotational and LateralRotational Only
Ear Cup RotationLimited for StabilityFull Fold FlatFull Fold Flat
Boom Mic StyleTurret Rotation with GooseneckTurret Rotation with GooseneckBoom Stern Rotation with Gooseneck
Boom Mic SideRight or LeftRight or LeftRight or Left
Ear Cup CableCoiledCoiledStraight
Rotator PinsMetalMetalPlastic
Weight 4.4 oz (125g)4.2 oz (119g)4 oz (114g)
Ear CoversIncludedIncludedNot Included
ANR Reduction Up to 22 dBUp to 15 dBUp to 12 dB
Acoustic LimiterYesYesNo

Available with the XLR5 connector for Airbus (Telex part AIRMAN8P-0211) or with the standard dual plugs (Telex part AIRMAN8P-0210) for most other commercial and business aircraft.

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