The award winning, best selling, Brightline Bag.

As any pilot or flight instructor can tell you, there are LOTS of items that have to be carried out to the aircraft for every flight. Headset, fuel tester, navigation charts, kneeboard, flashlights, checklists, sunglasses, logbook, pens, extra batteries. And then there are several items that would be nice to have along as well; flight computer, extra charts, handheld radio, Leatherman-type multi-tool, extra pens & markers, and a place for really small stuff like cotter pins, coins, business cards, and other miscellaneous stuff.   But, everyone's needs are different. The Brightline FLEX System allows you to create the perfect bag for your specific needs. Mix and match components to create the bag you've always wanted! Brightline FLEX System, your bag realized!

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