In 1983, a new aviation company called Flightcom was founded and has been soaring ever since. The initial thrust of the business was noise. Too much of it. Founder and President, Brian VanderPloeg, was taking flight lessons in the early 1980s and found it hard to hear his instructor. "I wasn't learning fast enough because it was difficult to hear what my instructor was saying," VanderPloeg said. "It was impossible to understand the gibberish coming from the cabin speaker and my ears were ringing after every flight."

Today, there are over 500,000 Flightcom headsets in use worldwide. Flightcom’s products are distributed to aviation enthusiasts and professionals in over 32 countries. Their product line includes headsets for everyone from students to professional pilots and passengers,offering passive or active noise reduction (ANR).

FlightCom Headsets - Flightcom's headset line includes active noise reduction (ANR) technologies in both their Denali and Classic ANR products. Standard models include the passive Denali, 5DX, 4DLX, 4DX, and F20. The Flightcom headset line is designed for pilots of all budget and experience levels, and all are also available in helicopter models.

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