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Garmin offers a line of ADS-B and radio receivers under its GDL ("Garmin Data Link") brand.  The first unit in the GDL line was the GDL 39 ADS-B receiver that provided users with subscription-free weather on mobile devices and select Garmin GPS units.  After the success of the GDL 39, Garmin introduced their next generation ADS-B receivers, the GDL 50, 51 and 52, which also includes GPS and AHRS sensors as well as SiriusXM receiver on the select models.

  • The Garmin GDL 50 is ADS-B weather and traffic and a GPS receiver.
  • The Garmin GDL 51 is SiriusXM receiver plus a GPS receiver.
  • The Garmin GDL 52 is a combination of the GDL 50 and GDL 51 and provides ADS-B weather and traffic, SiriusXM receiver plus a GPS receiver.
  • All three are offered as an "R" model (GDL 50R, GDL 51R, GDL 52R).  These are exactly the same but are intended to be installed /  Remotely mounted.


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