The patented HDL-3C decentered lens has been scientifically designed to increase visibility by equalizing the colors in the color spectrum which shortens the eye's receptors response time producing improved color sensitivity and contrast apprehension. The results are dynamic. A higher level of eye comfort, better vision and improved color sensitivity is achieved at both ends of the color spectrum with our innovative science.

"My work is based on absolute performance; when it comes to sunglasses, I am looking for the same thing. Over the years I have tried them all, searching for clarity, comfort and enhanced visual acuity. I promise you that VedaloHD are the best. And they did not pay me to say that."
Sean D. Tucker
Airshow Pilot - Team Oracle

"I am very fussy about what I fly with, which includes my sunglasses. Whether I'm flying cross country or a low level airshow, I need to see what is in front of me including clouds, terrain and the glass cockpit display in my Cirrus. Since I've started wearing VedaloHD, I'm seeing everything better! I love these shades and they seem to like me because I carry them with me all the time!"
Patty Wagstaff
Airshow Pilot, Aerobatic Champion, and National Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee

Vedalo Sunglasses are normally ready to ship within one business day (usually the same day). If you are not completely satisfied, return them within 30 days for your full money back!