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Brightline Bags B4 Swift Pilot Flight Bag information

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Brightline Bags B4 Swift Pilot Flight Bag

- 20 customer reviews.

Brightline Bags B4 Swift Pilot Flight Bag

Built for the VFR Pilot who needs the essentials when flying: Headset, sunglasses, GPS, today's charts, kneeboard, radio, etc. which the B04 can handle with ease.

Equipped with an arsenal of pockets, compartments and zippers you’ll never run out of storage space!

The 4" Center Section offers storage space and comes with a divider shelf attaching to the side walls of the main compartment with Velcro. This shelf can be positioned right where you need it or removed for full access storing one or two headsets or a GPS. Access is through a unique top zipper design that also opens the entire length allowing you to reach all the items above and below the divider shelf. On top of the bag is a pocket for sunglasses.

The Brightline B4 is perfect for that day trip or spending time in the pattern perfecting those landings. The B04 Swift also makes a fantastic carry-on travel bag. You can store your 13" laptop, power cords, smart phone, snacks, pillow, iPad, magazines, iPod, keys, DVD's etc., in a small efficient bag that fits right under the front seat.


  • 14" x 12" x 5"
  • The bag is soft so it can expand slightly in every direction.


Now: $174.00

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Customer Reviews For Brightline Bags B4 Swift Pilot Flight Bag:
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Friday, May 04, 2018
The perfect tool
by Bob from Southbury CT USA 

Pros: Tons of space
Cons: Haven't found any yet
Review: Totally met my expectations...I Am using it as a briefcase in a non-pilot application and it fits my needs perfectly.
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Sunday, February 05, 2017
Exciting Pleaser
by ChaCha from Athens GA USA 

Pros: Wonderful, customizable gift for any pilot.
Cons: Didn't find any.
Review: Gave this to my son-in-law for Christmas. Not understanding the multi-option components, I was going to put other small presents for him inside the "case" ... Ha! He loved it so much that he put a configuration together right then and there to show us how it worked.
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Monday, September 26, 2016
I would buy this product again
by Kenneth from Spring TX USA 

Pros: Roomier and lighter than the bag it replaced. Lots of roomy pockets for keeping things organized .
Cons: Can't think of any.
Review: It arrived with one zipper tab installed backward. I emailed them expecting to have to return it. They emailed back almost immediately with graphic instructions how to fix the problem. It took me five minutes to remove the tab and reinstall it. Great bag, great customer support!
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Monday, August 29, 2016
by Michael from Plano TX USA 
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
by from  
Review: This flight bag is absolutely amazing. I use it to carry the following items:

Sectional charts
ASA Kneeboard
ASA Plotter
Serengeti Large Aviator Sunglasses
Yaesu FT550-AA handheld radio
Jeppesen Fuel Tester
Smith and Wesson Galaxy 12 Flashlight
David Clark H10-13.4 Headset
2 x GoPro HERO
ASA Pilot Logbook
Spare AA Eneloops
Cessna 172/152 POH
Rubbermaid water bottle
Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen

I've had it for Almost 2 years, when I started my flight training and it's been able to withstand all the everyday abuse I put through it. The fact that you can easily customize and add more storage sections is superb. I would recommend this bag to anyone looking to organize their flight bag and who are tired of the old "toss everything into the black hole" type of bags.

5 stars.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Awesome bag for 121, well made, lots of storage; pricey
by Mark from Indianapolis IN USA 

Pros: Customizable, tons of pockets, great design, functional
Cons: Price
Review: I love this flight bag. I am a 121 pilot and I use this bag everyday at work. The product is just as advertised. It all zips and fits together in a matter of minutes (a little tricky at first, you'll get it though). You can customize which pocket goes on which side, and also whether to use the handle or strap. (And of course, customizable with any component in the FLEX line). With the use of some o-rings on the handle, the handle hooks on my rollerboard J-hook and stays in place nicely. The divider end cap is great, I use all the little pockets. It is a little front heavy and falls over if the main section is not loaded down, but that's not a deal breaker for me. Overall, great bag. I don't have to think about it while I'm using it, and that attribute goes a long way with me.

All those good things being said, I would not have paid $165 for this bag had my company not reimbursed me from my uniform alottment. It's a Ferrari price, but you do get a Ferarri bag.
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Thursday, February 18, 2016
Perfect bag
by A Customer from Springfield MO USA 

Pros: Compartments easily accessible, size pulling down aisle, large handle to hang on J-Hook.
Cons: Eyeglass compartment on side comes open on occasion, Velcro doesn't hold well enough.
Review: This bag has exceeded all expectations as far as ease of travel while working. I am a flight attendant, I understand this bag is mostly utilized by pilots, however, I have found it to be my favorite bag in 30 years of travel. Good job with design, size, compartments etc.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Easy to know where everything is.
by Katrina from West Chester PA USA 

Pros: Organization is fantastic. Heavy duty construction.
Cons: Balance/weight
Review: I love this bag. The number of pockets is great, because everything has a place and I always know exactly where to go for each thing. It is just a little heavy all by itself, which wouldn't matter, but the strap/handle connections are on the body of the bag, so it's not balanced. It leans a little towards the pocket cap side of the bag. Not a deal-breaker, by any means; it's just my one gripe about the bag-if the pockets are full, the weight isn't distributed evenly.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Bright Bag - not so sure for me!
by David from Madison WI USA 

Pros: Attractive
Cons: Not what I need.
Review: Bag was much smaller than I anticipated. Wish my standard lap top would fit into it. Pricy for what I got. Had great difficulty putting together as zippers did not want turn corners. Probably will not purchase another one. Had thoughts of returning this one.
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Sunday, October 11, 2015
Compact and versatile
by Jeffrey from Bainbridge Island WA USA 

Pros: Easy access, comfortable fit (backpack)
Cons: Colored zipper tabs, shoulder strap could be more versatile, external pockets should be rearranged (large pocket on top makes bag "top heavy')
Review: I'm not a pilot, but I use the bag for camera gear. It is perfect - it holds multiple lenses, batteries, cables, mini tripod, etc. All with easy access from the top and from the external pockets. I added the Brightline backpack attachment which was more comfortable than I had thought it would be. I'm 6'1" and the pack fits perfectly for day hikes allowing me to take more equipment along. I just finished a 3-week trip to Switzerland and enjoyed how the bag instantly transforms into a city/day bag by removing the middle portion. Exceeds my expectations!
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
by W Alan from Slidell LA USA 
Pros: Great compartmentalizations
Cons: Doesn't sit flat. Leans forward and falls
Review: Wonderfully customizable. Sturdy construction. Wish it sat flat on floor though.
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Friday, August 14, 2015
by Johnny from Aurora, CO 
Review: I noticed a few of my fellow pilots carrying different Brightline bags. But until I ungraded to the 777 I never thought I needed one. As big as the 777 is, with four pilots in the cockpit, bag space is at a premium. You need a good "seat" bag so you can have your flying essentials next to you and not at the bottom of the stack of pilot luggage. The Brightline B4 is a great choice for such a bag. Multiple pockets and larger storage areas. It fits between the seat and sidewall perfectly. It's very well made and thought out. If you need something larger later on you can just buy the additional piece and zip it on. I give the B4 five stars!
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Thursday, July 23, 2015
by A Customer from Alexandria LA USA 

Pros: well made, lots of pockets, easy to access everything
Cons: none
Review: excellent -- well built, versatile, good size. Fits everything I want carry including extensive redundant systems, batteries etc.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Blightline B4 Swift Bag
by A Customer from Porter TX USA 

Pros: Professional looking, functional, and plenty of compartments
Cons: Made in China, but well made. Very difficult to connect the sections together due to new zippers, but I only had to do it once.
Review: It is very nice and an incredible upgrade from a backpack. Well made with plenty of compartments. I carry two iPads, a large coffee cup, headset, and a pair of window shades. It has room for several magazines on the outside too.
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Monday, May 11, 2015
The Best
by Aaron from West Palm Beach FL USA 

Pros: Everything is accessible immediately without even having to take your eyes off the road.
Cons: None
Review: There is a place for everything! No more digging through a backpack for whatever I need, it's all there as long as I can remember where I put it.
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Thursday, April 16, 2015
Just what I was looking for
by A Customer from Asheville NC USA 

Pros: Number of pockets. Good quality.
Review: It fits where I want it to be in the aircraft. With so many pockets, every thing is accessible. Just a zip and grab, and the zippers don't bind.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Well worth the money if you really need it...
by Simon - ex RAF pilot converting to FAA PPl from Cambridge MA USA 

Pros: Build quality. Number of compartments. Adaptable system.
Cons: The smaller zippers take a while to wear in to smooth operation.
Review: This is a bag of true quality in terms of design and construction. It was clearly designed by pilots for pilots.

It has a plethora of color coded pockets. Great adaptable and expandable design - It is two bags in one! Fits two sets of large headphones easily and tons of bits and bobs, wallet, sunglasses cell phone, radio, flashlight, etc. etc!

The main compartment even has neat Velcro straps that keep the bag open like a chest as you get out your publications/ headset etc. nice!

This is the only bag I will ever need to buy in my entire life. Seriously. It is that well made. My kids will be using it 60 years from now.

The only thing is.. If you are a student who is starting out... You probably don't want a bag this big. It is quite large to stuff behind your seat even in a 172 when you're trying to think about starting your check lists and trying not to get flustered or screw anything up. :-)

My instructors all have small single headset sized bags that are super light and easy to just toss in the back.

That said... When I get my licence in a couple of months and start making longer cross country trips, I'll be glad I have it. So will you if you get one.. It is well worth the money. Well worth it.

Hope this helps!!
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Thursday, March 12, 2015
by Holds what I need Thomas from Fuquay Varina NC USA 
Review: I like it
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Saturday, February 14, 2015
perfect but heavy
by A Customer from Naples FL USA 

Pros: compartments galore
Review: The bag itself is quite heavy. Otherwise it's just about perfect!
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, October 06, 2014
by Glenn from Austin TX USA 
Pros: A++++++
Cons: None
Review: The Brightline bag I recently purchased was my second Brightline bag purchase. I love the first one so much (a bigger bag) used for long trips. The recent bag purchase is good for daily operations, actually they both are good for daily or cross country, I mean cross country! If you can't get all you need to fly with in the Brightline bag, then you don't need to be flying. There are pockets and compartments for everything. I bought a bag before I started buying Brightline. I'm sure someone bought it from Goodwill where I left it. I doubt it was a pilot who bought it.
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Previous Customer Questions For Brightline Bags B4 Swift Pilot Flight Bag:
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On Tuesday, October 04, 2016 a customer asked:
does the b4 swift come with side pocket charlie and alfa or do i buy those seperate?

Yes, Side Pocket Charlie and Side Pocket Alpha are both included with the purchase.



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