David Clark Series 3800

Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom Systems are engineered  to solve the problem of communicating in high noise environments, especially those associated with emergency operations during call response and at the scene. They enable personnel on the apparatus to communicate clearly, without interference from vehicle noise, including sirens. They have the option of connecting to mobile radios, allowing all personnel to listen to the radio and selected stations to transmit over the radio. 

  • Modular Design - Rugged and serviceable. Reduces costly downtime on installation or module replacement. Very cost effective.
  • Weather Tight - All system components are designed  for use in severe weather. All modules are manufactured using rugged, heavy gauge, polycarbonate (-80˚F to +212˚F) housings with integral mounting feet.
  • Industry Standard - In use worldwide by emergency service departments, the Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System is an extremely versatile “workhorse” able to accommodate most vehicle and system design requirements.
  • Versatile - Can be installed on Fire Apparatus, Ambulances, Rescue Boats, Utility and Construction vehicles of all types. If it rolls, floats or flies... or not, David Clark Company has a solution to help you cope with high noise environments.