Garmin Aviation GPS Geographical Coverage Areas

There are three different database geographical coverage areas for the Garmin Portable GPS products:

  • Americas - North, South and Central America (includes Alaska & Hawaii)
  • Atlantic International - Europe, Africa
  • Pacific International - Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and the South Pacific (includes Hawaii)

Any Garmin Aviation GPS that has XM Weather is only available in the Americas version. i.e. the Garmin 795 is available in all three geographical configurations. The Garmin 796 is only for Americas. The Garmin aera 510 and aera 560 are only available for the Americas. The Garmin aera 500 and aera 550 are available for all three geographical coverage areas. You can find all of the current models at our Garmin Aviation GPS Comparison page.

After purchasing any Garmin portable aviation GPS unit (even those units with XM weather), you can buy/download/update that Garmin GPS with a different coverage area (i.e. a Garmin 696 Americas can be loaded with the Atlantic database). All changes to the databases must be done after purchasing the GPS unit and are purchased directly from Garmin. Instructions will be included with your GPS.


Garmin Americas Coverage Area

Garmin Americas Coverage Area

Americas Coverage includes:

  1. US including Alaska and Hawaii
  2. Canada
  3. Caribbean & Central America
  4. Central & South America
Garmin Atlantic Coverage Area

Garmin Atlantic Coverage Area

Atlantic Coverage includes:

  1. Europe
  2. Africa
  3. Asia West
  4. Greenland / Iceland

Garmin 695 Atlantic, Garmin aera 500 Atlantic, Garmin aera 550 Atlantic, Garmin 795 Atlantic

Garmin Pacific Coverage Area

Garmin Pacific Coverage Area

Pacific Coverage includes:

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. Pacific Islands
  4. Asia East

Garmin 695 Pacific, Garmin aera 500 Pacific, Garmin aera 550 Pacific, Garmin 795 Pacific