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iFLY 740b Moving Map GPS for Pilots information
List Price: $599.00
Now:  $499.00

Product # 12644

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iFLY 740b Moving Map GPS for Pilots

- 6 customer reviews.

iFLY 740b Moving Map GPS for Pilots

The 7-inch touch screen aviation GPS is ideal: big and bright enough to read easily in flight and yet small enough to manage comfortably. An included suction mount with multiple articulation points or an optional yoke mount provides lots of mounting options. The touch screen interface is incredibly simple to use. No installation or setup required. Just turn it on and you're ready to fly!

The iFly 740b is loaded with digital copies of FAA sectionals, IFR Low Enroute charts, airport diagrams, approach plates, and more. In fact, everything from planning to flying is designed around image enhanced maps from the FAA. Sweep your finger across the screen to scroll through the map, quick-tap to switch to another sectional, drag a route line to avoid a TFR, tap an airport to get detailed information, etc, etc. It's easy, intuitive, and fast.

New in the iFLY 740b

  • Sunlight Readability. Sunny days are no issue with the iFLY 740b and the brighter 1100 Nit 7-inch Touchscreen. Perfect for those bright open cockpits.
  • Split Screen Synthetic Vision
  • 3D Traffic
  • Built-In Emergency Battery
  • Faster Processor & Twice the RAM
  • Improved WAAS GPS Receiver
  • Simple Wi-Fi Updating
  • (optional upgrade) iFly Streets - now you go straight from the runway to the roadway with iFly Streets, a full-featured road navigation GPS including voice-guided directions, 3D visuals including Lane Guidance and services (hotel, restaurant, gas station) lookup
  • and much more...

Synthetic Vision

Fly in all conditions and terrain with more confidence with the most advanced Portable Synthetic Vision available. iFly's Synthetic Vision uses the official FAA obstacle database and SRTM Terrain Data provided by NASA. When connected to an ADS-B receiver, the 740b will display 3D traffic on the synthetic vision.

Extreme Readability

The iFly 740b Outshines the Competition! The brightest sunny day and clear bubble canopies are no match for the new iFly 740b. Perfect for those extra bright cockpits with 1100 nits of brightness to power through the sun's challenges. Never has there been such advanced hardware at such a great price. This sunlight-readable GPS won’t break the bank or your eyes!

Built-In Power

The iFly 740b now packs an internal circuit protected Li-Po battery to provide approximately 30 minutes of internal backup power. Use the internal battery to perform a quick update via Wi-Fi, Check the Weather or File your Flight Plan prior to flight time. The iFly 740b is unplugged!

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Fast Updates and Filing from Almost Anywhere! With the iFly 740b's powerful built-in Wi-Fi capability, you can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and enjoy fast and easy automated data updates and Nexrad Weather. Use the new Online Flight Filing feature through Lockheed Martin Flight Services. Plan, File, Activate and Close right from the 740b.

Intuitive Interface

  • User Interface is designed the way you think, very easy to figure out
  • Buttons fade away when not in use, maximizing map visibility
  • Plug & fly (just plug in the unit and it will go straight to the map, ready to begin your flight)
  • Big buttons throughout, making it easy to use even in the bumpy flights
  • Zoom levels from 2 to 100 NM per inch
  • Clear warnings if any sectionals are expired
  • Touch-n-drag scrolling
  • Single-touch to zoom in/out
  • Single-touch to re-center & track current location
  • Single-touch to switch which sectional is being displayed

FAA Charts

  • Includes all STAR, Approach and Departure Charts
  • Includes airport taxi diagrams
  • "History" button allows toggling between the maps and recently viewed plates
  • Touch-sensitive panning and zooming
  • Easy to update charts through the website

Flight Planning

  • One-touch "Direct-to" flight planning
  • Supports multi-leg flight plans
  • Rubber-band route line modifications (just touch & drag a route line to make a change, such as bending it around an airspace)
  • Save/Load/Reverse flight plans
  • Flight plan automatically saved/restored between power cycles. So you can plan your flight at home, turn off the device, take it to your plane, plug it in, and your flight plan and map is all ready-to-go
  • Bright magenta route lines
  • Ability to search for airports by code, airport name, or city name

ADS-B Weather and Traffic

  • ADS-B Weather and Traffic Compatibility with 3rd party receivers such as iLevil, SkyRadar, NavWorx, Clarity, and more.
  • Live NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft and PIREPS without reoccurring monthly fees or apps

Detailed Airport Information

  • Search for nearby airports
  • Geo-data
  • Public/private
  • Attendance schedule
  • Common, ATC, and other communication frequencies
  • Runway(s) type, condition, lighting, gradient, markings, etc
  • Traffic patterns
  • Available IFR equipment
  • Obstructions
  • Any additional FAA remarks

Unprecedented Spatial Awareness

  • Show your position on an actual FAA published sectional map
  • Sectional map images are digitally enhanced for maximum contrast & visibility
  • Pre-loaded with every sectional, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Pre-loaded with the IFR Low-enroute charts for the lower 48 states
  • Pre-loaded with all the approach, departure, and STAR plates for all 50 states
  • Pre-loaded with all the FAA published airport diagrams
  • Single-touch to change which sectional map is being displayed
  • When zoomed out, important airspaces are highlighted
  • Touch a map to quickly see the distance & bearing from current location
  • "Find Nearest" option to quickly find nearby airports, ASOS/AWOS freqs, navaids, etc.
  • Sectionals maps include all "border" information, nothing is hidden. It's just like having an actual sectional map.
  • Ability to show distance-radials around your current location
  • FAA published TFRs can be seen on the maps

Simple Data Updates

  • With a low cost annual subscription get unlimited easy updates from any internet connected computer
  • Always have the latest sectionals, FAA airport databases, TFRs, sectional maps, and charts
  • Ability to quick-update latest TFR data just prior to your flight
  • Download the application updates to always have the latest new features
  • Use your own inexpensive USB Flash Drive

What they're saying...

AOPA Pilot Magazine "the iFly 700 is a robust package for a great price!"

Plane and Pilot Magazine "Touch Screen Wonder"

Fly-Low Publications "...intuitive and easy to use and would be a great addition to your flight bag."

P&P Tech Talk "...Adventure Pilot is off to a great start with brisk sales and a flood of happy customer testimonials..."

Technical Specifications

External Dimensions: 7 1/4" X 4 1/2" X 3/4"
Weight: 14.5 oz.
Screen Size: 7-inch Extreme Sunlight Readable LCD
Screen Brightness: 1100 nits
Emergency Battery: Built-in
Current Draw: 600ma @ 12V DC
GPS Antenna: WAAS Capable
Warranty: 1 Year


  • iFly 740b loaded with all FAA Sectional Charts, Low Altitude Enroute Charts, Approach/Departure Plates, Airport Diagrams, and more.
  • Soft carrying case
  • AC power adapter
  • DC power adapter (cigarette lighter style)
  • Remote Control
  • Multi-point articulating suction mount
  • FREE VFR/IFR Data Subscription for 2 months. This subscription will allow you to keep all elements of your iFly up to date. This includes Sectionals, TAC charts, Low Enroute Charts, Plates, Software, TFRs, Metars, AFD Databases, etc.

NOTE: The iFly 740b has an small emergency use internal battery but requires external power for regular use. It includes both AC and DC (cigarette lighter style) adapters, and supports both 12v and 24v systems.


List Price: $599.00
Now: $499.00

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Customer Reviews For iFLY 740b Moving Map GPS for Pilots:
Write a review
Wednesday, October 03, 2018
Exactly as expected
by A Customer from Pilesgrove NJ USA 

Review: The product is great although I had to return it to manufacturer immediately as it did not perform properly. They took complete responsibility and replaced it without issue, I have no complaints.
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Monday, April 02, 2018
by Roy from Shrewsbury MA USA 
Pros: Good screen size
Cons: Non rotating map is a deal breaker
Review: Many good features but had I known the map doesn't rotate I would not have bought it.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Friday, February 02, 2018
Great, My Second iFly
by Buddy from Texas 

Pros: Bright, big scree with traffic and terrain alerts
Cons: charts and maps are scans so names are upside down going South.
Review: I got iFly 740b as a gift. It is connected to a Stratux for traffic. I love the traffic alert especially the ones from 6 o'clock overtaking; hard to see those.
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Monday, May 15, 2017
by Steven from Douglas WY USA 

Have not taken a trip with it yet but so far so good.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Very happy with this purchase
by John from Lake Ariel PA USA 

Pros: easy to use
Cons: it would be nice if landscape to portrait was a matter of rotating.
Review: As so far for the short time I have used it I find it very easy to use and very accurate. The support team has been very helpful.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, January 30, 2017
So far I love it
by Earnest from Knoxville TN USA 

Pros: Great gps ode or vfr
Cons: Price for up dates a little pricey but you do get a lot with updates
Review: Has every thing you need to fly
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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