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B-Kool Portable Cooling Systems information

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B-Kool Portable Cooling Systems

- 12 customer reviews.

B-Kool Portable Cooling Systems

Aviation Consumer Magazine gave B-Kool their "Top Gear" Editors Choice aware in July 2015 in "Best Portable Cabin Cooolers".

B-Kool is an affordable portable air conditioning and cooling system for your airplane! It was developed by two private pilots who saw the need for a cooling solution that wouldn't break the bank.

Using a combination of ice and water, B-Kool provides up to an hour of 40º cool air using just 10 lbs of ice and a minimal amount of water. B-Kool is NOT an evaporative cooler and works well in high humidity areas.

B-Kool will hold up to 20 pounds of ice giving you over 2 hours of cool air. If you use it during taxi, climb, and landing and leave it off at cruise altitude you'll stay cool and comfortable for the entire flight.

Because the B-Kool weighs less than 10 pounds empty you can easily move it to your camper, airplane, boat or any area where 12 or 24v DC current is available. Cool-Flex, a flexible and expandable air duct can be expanded to over 2 feet and positioned so air can be ducted exactly where you want it to cool.

The components in B-Kool are marine grade so you can enjoy it for years to come with out the worry of anything more than basic maintenance.

  • Low cost solution to cooling
  • 40º F vented cool air
  • Provides up to two (2) hours of cool air
  • Great for aircraft, campers, boats and more
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 12 and 24 volt models available
  • Draws less than 4 amps on 12v systems and less than 2 amps on 24v systems.
  • Air velocity is an industry high at almost 36 mph
  • Optional wireless remote control

Dimensions: 18"W x 13"D x 15"H.
Approximately 10 pounds (empty).

Choose your model.
12 or 24 Volt: The B-Kool must be plugged into and powered by your aircraft cigarette lighter jack. It is available for either 12 volt or 24 volt aircraft electrical systems.

Wireless Remote?
The cord from the B-Kool to the end of the power plug is about 10 feet. The on/off switch for B-Kool is located at the very end of the cord to the power plug. So, if the power plug is within easy reach of the pilot you probably don't need the wireless remote. If your power jack is in a different location (i.e. rear seats or baggage area) then the wireless remote control allows you to easily turn the unit on and off to conserve the cool air.

2 Year Warranty.


Now: $299.00

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Customer Reviews For B-Kool Portable Cooling Systems:
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Monday, May 07, 2018
It works.
by A Customer from Huntsville AL 

Pros: It works very well.
Cons: The lid is too heavy and falls off, making operation difficult.
Review: I use the unit during pre-flight and ground operation in a Piper Matrix. I run it on a small deep cycle battery to have cooling before start up. With the cockpit shades installed the unit will cool the interior very quickly, even to the point of being cold on the hottest days. I shut it down shortly after take off, and turn it back on shortly before landing. The Matrix has air conditioning but it is not sufficient on the ground in really hot weather, and of course the engine must be running for it to work. The B-Cool unit bridges the gap nicely. Pre-flights were a misery before I added this unit. The unit just failed after three years of use and I am buying another.

The bad, the lid is awful. It started falling off after the first few uses which makes the unit difficult to fill and empty. Shortly after, the circulation pump detached from the bottom. The plus side is it's now easy to empty, you just lift the whole top lid off and dump the cooler. However, it is now even more difficult to fill since you must hold the pump and discharge hose in place while balancing the lid and adding ice at the same time.

Warning: be sure the discharge hose is not pointing anywhere near the fan. I had a passenger help me once by starting the cooler while I finished briefing. By the time I got to the aircraft the ice had begun melting and the discharge hose was blowing it into the fan which dutifully sprayed it over the entire interior of the aircraft.
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Monday, August 14, 2017
Cooool Comfort on a Budget!
by Skymaster Pilot from Cloverdale IN USA 

Pros: Great Cooling using only ice!
Cons: None
Review: After reading other customers review I purchased this unit. We have been very pleased with how well it works. We use it for taxi, takeoff, and climb. We then turn it off during the cruise portion of the flight. Turn it back on during descent, landing, and taxi.

Just get one and stop burning up. This thing really works!
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Monday, June 19, 2017
Works as described
by Bill (V-35B driver) from Annapolis MD USA 

Pros: inexpenisve and effective
Cons: time limited
Review: It does exactly what it and the reviews said it would do. It holds approximately 20 pounds of ice and works well for an hour or more depending on the outside air temperature.
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Thursday, September 08, 2016
Works for most??
by John from Grand Rapids MI USA 

Pros: Blows cold air like a wind tunnel
Cons: Didn't work in my Cirrus
Review: Don't buy if you have a Cirrus or ???
I was not aware that the cooler would not operate in my airplane. It draws 4-5 amps and my cig lighter can handle 3amps. I happen to be an electronic eng and devised a circuit that would cause the unit to draw less current. Now it works great.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Works as advertised
by Jonathan from Wellington FL USA 

Review: This is a great design and does blow very cold air. I have it in a Seneca and even at 95 deg in Miami where I am everyday it helps stop the excessive sweating. At that temperature it lasts for about one hour. The ice melts fast and then causes the remaining ice to melt faster. It still blows cold air with cold water so I add one bag of ice on top of a large sealed frozen water jug inside. That way the melted ice doesn't accelerate the melting of the water jug. I've found it doesn't blow as cold after one hour but does blow at least 60 degrees for an extra hour. Beats 80 deg! Worth the buy.
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Sunday, August 07, 2016
Helps a little
by Raymond from Chesterland OH USA 

Review: If you use FBO ice cool air lasts about 30 to 40 min in my P Baron on 90 degree days.... So it makes things manageable. Unit blower is somewhat-loud, lid detaches way too easily with the weight of the extra components in it, a retractable power cord would be nice it is somewhat cumbersome to carry with cord always needing tending.. Overall probably good for light small unpressurized that makes unit is very responsive and will answer all phone calls and questions I would give them a A for effort...
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Works well in the South Texas Summer
by Walt from San Antonio TX USA 

Pros: Cools well for about 1 hour on 20 lbs of ice
Cons: One hour is about the limit, unless you can turn off during cruise
Review: Works really well and provides about 1 hour of continuous cooling on 20 lbs of bagged ice - makes summer flying a lot more comfortable than without the cooler! I have not tried turning it off after takeoff and back on before landing, yet (to conserve ice/cooling), because of relatively short flights at low altitude. Presumably, you could climb to cooler air and turn it off during cruise.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Can't go wrong with this purchase, cools you off
by Mike from Miami FL USA 

Pros: Does the job.
Cons: I wish the ice would last longer than two hours, but for ground ops till you get to altitude it does the job.
Review: I know this product has gotten good reviews but I have to add my own. Why didn't this exist 30 years ago?  No more sweating like mad in high humidity here in south florida. Took this for a test flight and it like night and day the difference that this makes in comfort. No complaints.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Works Well to Manage Cockpit Temps
by ETD from Garden Ridge TX USA 

Pros: Cooling is immediate and great for taxi/take-off. Can be turned off after departure. Positions well in the bag area. Is easy to carry with full ice load.
Cons: I wish the cord were 2 foot longer because of where I place the unit.
Review: This devices provides cool air in my PA-28 in the San Antonio TX area. I place it in the baggage compartment and let it blow cool air to the front. I wish the cord were 2 foot longer, but not worth cutting my rating. I like the on/off switch being on the power plug. Cockpit holds around 80-degrees on 98-degree, severe clear day. 20 lbs ice lasts about 1.5 hours. Need to manage usage to have cool air for landing. The handle makes it easy to tie down in the bag area.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015
A good product
by Lanny from Cartersville GA USA 

Pros: Cools well
Cons: Short duration
Review: As expected
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Monday, July 27, 2015
Excellent Cockpit Cooler
by Robert S from Fort Worth TX USA 

Pros: works as advertised
Cons: none
Review: Nicely designed and high production quality. I chose the B-Kool device over competing units because its relatively small size let it fit on the floor behind my pilot's seat.

It blows a lot of REALLY cold air as long as it has ice remaining. I've not done careful checks to determine how much cooling time is available, but it's certainly enough to operate during start-up, taxi, takeoff, and climb to (a cooler) altitude. Alternately, it will retain ice for at least several hours when not operating, so that cooling is available upon landing.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
by Jerry from Cave Creek AZ USA 
Pros: Perfect size for my plane
Cons: Very noisy!
Review: Works well and on a hot Arizona day on the ground with 16 lbs of ice, it lasts a little over an hour. I can only get 2 8lb bags of ice in it...the third one won't fit.
Does a good job blowing cold air but isn't anywhere near the BTU's per hour of an actual A/C. Ice is 144 BTU's versus 5,000 to 10,000 for installed AC's.
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Previous Customer Questions For B-Kool Portable Cooling Systems:
Ask Your Own Question
On Friday, August 29, 2014 a customer asked:
How many amps does the 24 Volt model draw? Have any avionics interference issues been reported?
A: The 24 volt model draws less than 2.5 amps.  The only interference we know of was on an older plane with a rusty socket.  Once the socket was fixed the noise went away.  The B-Kool has all electrical components shielded.

On Friday, June 27, 2014 a customer asked:
What cfm fan does the 299. B-cool have? Is it one in and one out fan? Thank you.
The fans are 240 CFM that blow at 28 mph. One per unit is all that is needed. 

Manufacturer Part Numbers: 12V 12V 12V-REMOTE 24V 24V-REMOTE


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