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Matchbox Headset Music/Cell Phone Interface information
List Price: $149.00
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Product # 7990

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Matchbox Headset Music/Cell Phone Interface

- 4 customer reviews.

Matchbox Headset Music/Cell Phone Interface

Easily connect your cell phone to any aviation headset!

The MatchBox AI-1 allows you to easily connect any standard general aviation headset to your favorite MP3 player or mobile phone.

  • Connect standard dual plug pilot headset to any standard MP3 or mobile phone
  • Amplified signal for great sound quality and volume
  • Mutes MP3 or cell phone during incoming ATC or cockpit communication
  • Battery saving auto-shutoff feature

The audio interface system that resides within the Mathbox comprises of two 300mw power amplifiers designed specifically for aviation headsets. Aviation headsets in general do not generally offer the bandwidth that one would typically find in a high quality stereo headphone system. Therefore, the Matchbox uses an equalization system specifically designed to compensate for loses found in aviation headsets. Overall gain is about 9db with input buffers to balance ship radios gain to the Aux I/O. The net results of this is a far better sound quality from any music that is played through the system, a much improved signal to noise ratio and a crisper, cleaner voice reproduction from the planes radio system.

By plugging the unit directly into the existing headphone jacks ( phones and mic) the unit performs a seamless interface connection that allows the pilots headphones to continue to use the ships audio while at the same time provides the Aux I/O to be used with an MP3, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. Cell Phone audio is conditioned and routed through the system providing noise reduction and safety. The Matchbox has a self contained VOX (Voice Operated Xchange). This feature mutes any audio coming from the Aux input any time there is audio activity on the intercom or radio. That means that even intercom chat from one passenger to another will mute the systems Aux Audio which includes the MP3, GPS audio, and cell phone. This feature guarantees the intercom and ATC always comes first.

The FC-1 system uses a common 9 volt alkaline battery with an estimated life of approximately 25 active hours under typical operation.  The system includes a battery saving auto-shutoff system in case you forget to turn it off after a flight.

Dimensions: 3 in. X 4.75 in. X 1.312 in.

Attn iPhone Users:  If you will be using your MatchBox AI-1 with an iPhone, you will need a special patch cable for the iPhone found here.


List Price: $149.00
Now: $139.00

Add Matchbox Headset Music/Cell Phone Interface To Cart

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Customer Reviews For Matchbox Headset Music/Cell Phone Interface:
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Remarkable Product!
by Dan from Walnut Creek CA USA 

Pros: Better than advertised!
Cons: None!
Review: The MATCHBOX Headset Music/Cellphone Interface was more than as advertised.
It worked perfectly right out of the box with stunning clarity. I have already recommended it to my fellow pilots, instructors & students.
The price & simplicity of use is dead on target.
Thank you for a truly remarkable product.

DanSorkin CFII
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Friday, May 03, 2013
Does the job, just
by Brian from Fairbanks AK USA 

Pros: Functions to pipe audio into basic headset.
Cons: Quirky, bulky, and somewhat crude
Review: The Matchbox works OK when it works, though it distorts audio signals just a little. The real problem is it cuts off, as if powering off, at random times. It may go for 20 minutes, or it might turn off in 2 minutes. This is with new batteries even. I rigged a device to hold the momentary power button down all the time, and it works fine. Annoying, but functional. The real catch is that you have to remember to remove the device or it will run the battery down.
Otherwise, bulky but functional.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Does what is says....
by Rich from Aspen CO USA 

Pros: Turns off automaticaly to save batteries
Cons: A little bulky
Review: So far so good. Also works inline with an audio splitter to record cockpit audio on my GoPro.
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Saturday, July 28, 2012
by Allan from Adelaide SA Australia 

Review: useless it will not couple to my mobile phone i thew it in the rubish bin
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Previous Customer Questions For Matchbox Headset Music/Cell Phone Interface:
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On Sunday, August 19, 2012 a customer asked:
Hello, If I attach an iPhone to the Matchbox Headset interface will the other passengers also be able to hear the music ? (i.e. is it fed via microphone to the intercom ?) Thanks, Philipp
A: No, the music and/or cell phone will only be heard through the headset that is plugged into the unit. If you will be using the MatchBox AI-1 with an iPhone, you will also need a special patch cable for the iPhone.



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Friday, March 06, 2015

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