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Author: William Kershner

William K. Kershner began flying in 1945 at the age of fifteen, washing and propping airplanes to earn flying time. By this method he obtained the private, then the commercial and flight instructor certificates, becoming a flight instructor at nineteen.

He spent four years as a naval aviator, most of the time as a pilot in a night fighter squadron, both shore and carrier based. He flew nearly three years as a corporation pilot and for four years worked for Piper Aircraft Corporation, demonstrating airplanes to the military, doing experimental flight-testing, and acting as special assistant to William T. Piper, Sr., president of the company.

Bill Kershner holds a degree in technical journalism from Iowa State University. While at the university he took courses in aerodynamics, performance, and stability and control. He holds the airline transport pilot, commercial, and flight and ground instructor certificates and has flown airplanes ranging from 40-hp Cubs to jet fighters. He is the author of The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual, The Instrument Flight Manual, The Advanced Pilot’s Flight Manual, The Flight Instructor’s Manual, and The Basic Aerobatic Manual.

Kershner operates a one-airplane, one-instructor aerobatics school using a Cessna 152 Aerobat. He received the General Aviation Flight Instructor of the Year Award, 1992, at the state, regional and national levels. The Ninety-Nines awarded him the 1994 Award of Merit. In 1998 he was inducted into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame and in 2002 was installed in the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame.



Logging Flight Time Logging Flight Time
A collection of anecdotes covering aviation expert Bill Kershner’s most memorable experiences.
Logging Flight Time
The Basic Aerobatic Manual The Basic Aerobatic Manual
The standard reference for flyers learning aerobatics. Introduces aerobatic maneuvers in order of difficulty.
The Basic Aerobatic Manual
The Flight Instructor's Manual The Flight Instructor's Manual
Practical teaching methods for the new instructor, or for those obtaining their instructor's certificate.
The Flight Instructor's Manual
The Advanced Pilot's Flight Manual The Advanced Pilot's Flight Manual
Has long been a standard reference for veteran pilots preparing for the commercial written and flight tests.
The Advanced Pilot's Flight Manual
The Instrument Flight Manual The Instrument Flight Manual
Gives an overview of IFR operational requirements and helps establish patterns of aeronautical decision making pertaining to instrument flight.
The Instrument Flight Manual
The Student Pilot's Flight Manual The Student Pilot's Flight Manual
Provides step-by-step ground and flight information for student pilots working toward Private or Sport Pilot certification.
The Student Pilot's Flight Manual



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