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David Clark H20-10 Headset

- 22 customer reviews.

David Clark H20-10 Headset

David Clark H20-10 Headset

David Clark's most comfortable design with advanced composite construction and Exclusive Custom Comfort System.

  • Made from Advanced Composite Materials¬†
  • Exclusive Custom Comfort System:
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Patented headpad suspension that touches your head like a soft pillow
    • Special headband design cradles your head just enough to block the noise
    • Contoured gel ear seals mold softly to your head
    • No exposed overhead cord
  • Exclusive M7-A, the most advanced noise-canceling microphone available.
  • Molded cords made to exceptional pull and flex standards.





List Price: $388.50
Now: $349.00

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Customer Reviews For David Clark H20-10 Headset:
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Monday, March 19, 2018
22 years old and still working
by Ernest P from  

Review: Purchased in 1996....
Recently sent to DC for minor issues.
Paid $130... They completely refurbished for me and back to PERFECT condition.
Issues didn't start until the 20 year point
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Good Value
by A Customer from  

Pros: Rugged, no bells and whistles to break.
Cons: None.
Review: Used David Clarks in the Military for 20 years and now flying corporate jet. Simple and rugged. H20 fit completely over my big ears. Comfortable. Reduce cockpit noise enough to allow lower radio volumes.
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Monday, September 22, 2014
by christopher from Casselberry FL USA 
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Friday, May 23, 2014
Flying is even more enjoyable
by Philip from Lexington Park MD USA 

Pros: Great performance at a good price, very quiet
Cons: Can't think of any.
Review: These is a great headset that is very comfortable than the set I bought three years ago. The previous headset which is a fine pilot "starter set" pinch and let in too much engine noise. These are much better without buying the active noise suppression headset. A good choice for a serious recreational pilot.
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Wednesday, November 06, 2013
Good value, hoary with purchase.
by Jeff from Painesville OH USA 

Pros: Solid value, not fancy, fully functional.
Cons: None.
Review: Product performs well, comfortable, good sound, easy to use.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013
Nice headset
by HESHAM from Orlando FL USA 

Pros: Good quality, the size is easily adjustable with soft padding
Cons: slightly heavy to my taste
Review: The headset works as expected out of the box, no surprises.
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Monday, March 12, 2012
A great Headset at a reasonable price
by Jerry from Santa Fe, NM 

Pros: Light, excellent sound quality, very well built
Cons: None
Review: I chose this David Clark headset because of the reputation and quality of DC and because I really didn't feel like spending more than a few hundred dollars on a headset at this point. I have now used this headset for about 15 hours and am extremely pleased with it. The headset does everything as advertised. It is very comfortable, the sound quality and microphone are really excellent, and I love the way it feels and fits on my head. No complaints so far, just an excellent and durable headset that feels comfortable and not too heavy on my head.
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Monday, January 16, 2012
best purchase by far
by Jim from Norton MA USA 

Pros: light weight, ear pads comfortable, great mike, great price
Cons: none
Review: Great light weight, comfortable and just as advertised.
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Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Nice and comfy
by A Customer from N.Easton MA USA 

Pros: comfort
Cons: none really
Review: This is a great headset for the money. I have a "big" head and these fit me great.   The sound is good as well.   Highly recommend.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010
best value for money
by kagawman from philippines 

Review: I'm a student pilot and this is my first headset.  It works very well.  Very comfortable and is worth the cost.  Much better than the H10-13.4.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Best Bang for your buck!
by Christopher from Melbourne FL USA 

Pros: Comfort, reliablity, muffles noise well, clear speakers as well as mic.
Cons: Mic seems too sensitive to wind hits.
Review: It is one of the best passive headsets on the market. Robust, durable, and guaranteed. My instructor has used his for 5 yrs and recommended it to me. Won't be buying another headset for a while.
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Friday, October 09, 2009
Very confortable, and practical. I would recommend this product
by A Customer from Jacksonville FL USA 

Review: Exceeded my expectation at this price.
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Friday, September 18, 2009
Great product for not alot of money
by Johnathan from Dell Rapids SD USA 

Pros: Not too expensive, great performace
Cons: may get alittle heavy on long cross country flights
Review: I really enjoy the comfort and the performance of my H20-10. It does weight alittle more than some other headsets that I was looking at, but after I used it the first time I was more than satisfied with it and am now a huge fan of David Clark enginering
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Just awesome
by A Customer from la laguna Spain 

Pros: weight, earseals
Cons: nothing at all
Review: Very nice headset, very confortable, fits so well and his very light weight gives you a smooth flight.
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Monday, November 24, 2008
I would buy this product again and again
by PATRIZIO from giussano Italy 

Review: Fantastic Headset, very very soft!!!! Buy it ....!!!!
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Monday, November 24, 2008
Works for me!
by jeffrey from wasilla AK USA 

Review: I am a student pilot and purchased the h20-10 headset after reading reviews at  Though I don't really have much to compare them to I have found them to do the job quite well. I am pleased and will be looking at David Clark and for my next headphones.
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Friday, October 10, 2008
Can not go wrong with this headset.
by Klaus from Aliquippa PA USA 

Pros: Best Quality.
Cons: A little high but worth the price at twice that.
Review: Purchased this for my son, a student pilot. Compared to the FBO $150 head set, this unit wins hands down. Tried it myself and the gel cups are just awesome. Fully adjustable head band, great microphone and super noise canceling. Highly recommended especially from Fast shipping and superb customer service.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
My 2nd pair - 1st one was 10 years old like new and was stolen
by john from Kingston NY USA 

Pros: quality construction, comfortable, excellent sound quality
Cons: none
Review: Very comfortable. Excellent sound quality. I tried the noise canceling headsets but I like these better. I can hear strange engine sounds better as they are not filtered out
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Monday, January 21, 2008
American Eagle Pilots Choice
by Steve Deloc from Los Angeles, California 

Pros: Less clamping pressure, better comfort, strong sleak design!
Cons: None, with me
Review: I am an F/O for American Eagle. The standard headsets in are Embraers are the David Clark H10-13.4's. They work well with many of our pilots, yet some of us "big headed" pilots often have to buy our own, due to uncomfortable clamping pressure on longer flights. After about a year with the company, I knew I needed one of my own. I wanted a David Clark, because A. 5 year warranty, and great customer service. and B. I needed a headset that was proven to work, and could withstand the tough conditions of a commercial flight deck. One of my freinds who is a corporate pilot(gulfstream G5) recomended the H20-10. "It blocks alot of sound with less clamping pressure and the composite design would hold up well in tough conditions".
After using this headset for about 7 months I wouldn't fly without, either at work or in a Cessna. I have even convienced a few Eagle pilots who share my same problem, about getting the H20-10. Now more and more are poping up in are flight decks. Great product!

-Steve Deloc
F/O American Eagle Airlines
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Almost perfect
by James from Houston, TX 

Pros: Comfort
Cons: Gel seals are uncomfortable in the summer
Review: These have served my passengers well for 12 years. The only thing I don't like about them is that the gel seals can be uncomfortable in Texas' intense summer heat. I purchased cloth cushion covers for them but they come off too easily.
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Monday, December 24, 2007
David Clarks Finest!
by Alex from Dallas, TX 

Pros: Comfort, Durability,Ease of Use, Quality
Cons: None
Review: I have owned the DC H10-13.4 headset and this new H20-10 is far supperior. It is very comfortable, user freindly, and an overall great product, especialy for long cross country flights. I even did the trial run for both the Bose X, and DC X-11 headsets, and the H20-10 was far more superioir in comfort, only lacking ANR.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Saturday, January 27, 2007
very good headset
by A Customer from Charlotte NC 

Pros: comfortable, don't move around on your head but they are not too tight either
Cons: Nothing really identified as a negative. Maybe a little slot to write you name in case they got left behind.
Review: As a new student pilot the school offered an inexpensive headset as part of the "new student kit". Another pilot suggested that I'd regret that, go buy a set of David Clarks instead, they were worth it. That was excellent advice. Comfortable, soft, good microphone, easily adjustable. Fits easily in my pilot bag. I'm glad I decided to make the investment. I wish I could have afforded the active noise reduction, as I 'm sure that would have been a wonderful addition.
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Previous Customer Questions For David Clark H20-10 Headset:
Ask Your Own Question
On Saturday, June 27, 2015 a customer asked:
What does the X mean on my H20-10X? Since it has a battery power module does that mean active noise reduction?
A: Yes, the X would signify that that model is the one with active noise reduction.  The H20-10 without the X is the passive version of the headset.

On Wednesday, October 17, 2012 a customer asked:
where can I get gel ear seals for my H20-10 head set, or if I send it back to DC hould they replace them free ?
A: The ear seals are not covered by warranty, but you can purchase a replacement set at: David Clark Flo-Fit Gel Ear Seals (for H20-10 only).

On Monday, March 14, 2011 a customer asked:
Does the H20-10contain a small battery?
A: No, there is no battery on the H20-10 headset.

On Wednesday, December 02, 2009 a customer asked:
Is the H20-10 headset supplied with carrier bag?

The H20-10 does not come with a headset bag. We do offer headset bags available for separate purchase.

On Saturday, October 24, 2009 a customer asked:
What is the difference between the H10-13.4 and the H10-20 models? Which one is superior?
A: The biggest differences are that the H10-13.4 is about 5 ounces lighter and has much more padding on the headband.  Personally, between the two I think the H10-13.4 is the clear winner.  It's also the best selling passive headset in the world.

On Friday, August 22, 2008 a customer asked:
is the H20-10 stereo? If not, what is the equivilent in stereo?
A: The H20-10 is a mono headset.  If you want a similar David Clark Stereo headset, I would suggest the David Clark H10-13S Stereo Headset.  Or, you can browse all of the stereo headsets using our Aviation Headset Finder.

On Saturday, October 20, 2007 a customer asked:
Does the H20-10 Headset have a selective volume control for each ear (as the X11 for example)? Thank you
A: The H20-10 has a single volume control.

On Tuesday, January 02, 2007 a customer asked:
What is the number of DB noise reduction for the H20-10 headset??????? Also the weight of the headset ... This info was missing in the ad
A: Weight - 19.00 oz. Passive Noise Reduction - 22 db



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