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Navigation CD-ROM, The information
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Navigation CD-ROM, The

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Navigation CD-ROM, The

Are you learning to fly? Do navigation concepts seem overwhelming during your flight instruction? You'll learn hands-on, as the Navigation CD-ROM teaches you what you need to know. Books, videos, or slide shows don't compare to the interaction and animation you'll find in the Navigation CD-ROM —and, you don't need prior aviation or computer experience to get started.  

Wouldn't you like to be 100% confident with VOR, NDB, HSI & RMI, GPS, and Airspace? Learn how to use these subjects in real life.  Whether you're a student, instructor, mechanic, planner, engineer, or aviation enthusiast, you'll develop the knowledge needed to help make you confident. While other products help you prepare for FAA written exams, the Navigation CD-ROM prepares you for action in the cockpit. 

There's no worse feeling than not knowing where you are while flying. If you have the confidence and knowledge of the professionals, you'll be a safer pilot. The Navigation CD-ROM was designed to help give you that confidence. 

The Navigation CD-ROM was designed upon a simple learning foundation - topics are taught by building on common, every-day knowledge. Developed by flight instructors and airline pilots who recognize the complexity of learning navigation, these tutorials assume zero knowledge of the subject material. 

And what about interaction? The learning process should be exciting and fun. That's why the tutorials offer plenty of animation, interactive equipment simulation, quizzes, and running sound narration. This isn't a simple slide show presentation - you'll be involved in the learning process from the start.

The Lessons

1: VOR Navigation Tutorial
This tutorial has already taught thousands of pilots at FBO's and major universities how to use this essential navigation aid. All pilots can benefit from this tutorial, as it takes the user through basic navigation concepts, aircraft equipment, and real-world application. Many features are included—quizzes, easy to read graphics, and interactive simulations of aircraft equipment. 

  • Basic and advanced VOR theory
  • Hands-on instruction with VOR equipment
  • On-screen equipment simulation
  • Using VOR
  • Intercepting and tracking radials
  • Finding position
  • VOR specifications
  • Situational awareness
  • Sound narration and animation
  • Quizzes

2: NDB Navigation Tutorial
NDB navigation can be confusing and frustrating, but not if it is presented in a simple and straightforward manner. The NDB Navigation tutorial teaches the pilot basic concepts that simplify NDB's and provides standardized procedures that make flying NDB's easy. The tutorial covers the use of aircraft equipment, homing, tracking, and interception of NDB bearings, and much more. You'll use simulations of actual aircraft equipment as real-life scenarios are presented. 

  • Basic and advanced NDB theory
  • Instructs the use of ADF aircraft equipment
  • On-screen interactive equipment simulations
  • Real-life navigation scenarios
  • Teaches bearing homing, intercepting, and tracking
  • Finding position
  • Use of aeronautical charts
  • NDB Specifications
  • Animation, sound narration, and quizzes

#3: Using HSI & RMI Tutorial
Once you've mastered VOR and NDB concepts, try your hand at learning the HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator) and RMI (Radio Magnetic Indicator) instruments. HSI and RMI instruments are typically found in higher-performance aircraft, and their interpretation can be tricky—that's where this tutorial comes in! If you're flying a higher-performance aircraft, or are acquiring an instrument rating, you'll save money and time by learning how to use these instruments on the ground. 

  • HSI and RMI Overview
  • Components of HSI and RMI instruments
  • On-screen interactive equipment simulations
  • Real-life navigation scenarios
  • Finding position
  • Tips and pointers for practical use
  • Animation, sound narration, and quizzes

#4: GPS Navigation Tutorial
GPS, or Global Positioning System, represents the cutting-edge of navigation technology—it also presents pilots with new challenges. The GPS Navigation tutorial teaches pilots, regardless of experience, basic navigation concepts, including dead reckoning and pilotage, and relates them to this new technology. The GPS satellite system and terminology are explained in detail, and you'll use an interactive simulation of a panel-mounted GPS receiver to learn hands-on, operational use of GPS. By "flying" an actual trip scenario from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Champaign, Illinois, you'll see just how easy and practical GPS navigation can be. 

  • Basic theory of the GPS satellite system
  • Dead reckoning review
  • Interactive GPS receiver simulator
  • "Fly" a simulated trip using the GPS receiver
  • Online glossary
  • GPS error messages and safety factors
  • Use of aeronautical charts
  • Sound narration

#5: Airspace Tutorial
This tutorial walks you through the complex airspace structure of the United States. You'll cover everything, from Class A airspace to Class G, including Special Use Airspace, Military Training Routes, and much more. Thorough explanations and 3-D representations of airspace make this topic easy to understand. You'll be an expert on airspace in a matter of hours. 

  • Covers Classes A, B, C, D, E, and G airspace
  • Special Use, TRSA, and other miscellaneous airspace
  • 3-D graphical representations
  • Communications examples
  • Clearly outlines weather and pilot requirements
  • Uses Chicago in examples, as the busiest airspace
  • Aeronautical chart explanations and callouts
  • Legal ramifications of different airspace types
  • Sound narration 

System Requirements for The Navigation CD-ROM: 
486 or higher PC
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or higher
4MB RAM (8MB recommended)
CD-ROM drive
2MB hard drive space
Video supporting 256-color mode (minimum)
Sound card (not required, but recommended)


List Price: $99.95
Now: $93.00

Add Navigation CD-ROM, The To Cart

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Customer Reviews For Navigation CD-ROM, The:
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Monday, October 03, 2011
Not quite worth the price
by Ralph from Salisbury MD USA 

Pros: Easy to load on my computer
Cons: Needs more and dynamic training examples
Review: A little dissapointing - older training technology. or maybe it is just plain old. Executing the exercises lack the required reality of what would be done in actual environment. It has some good technical content training. Needs more dynamic examples. It does help the user to grasp the concepts - but could be much better.
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Previous Customer Questions For Navigation CD-ROM, The:
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On Monday, April 26, 2010 a customer asked:
I would like to know when this was written? I would also like to know does this course cover holding.

This CD-Rom was copy written in 2004.  The Course does not specifically cover holding procedures however; it does contain all the basic elements.  Much of holding is determining your position in reference to the station that you intend to hold at, this CD-ROM does an excellent job of giving you those basic skills allowing you to accurately execute a hold.



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Friday, September 21, 2018

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