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Garmin aera Pilot-Friendly GPS Manual information
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Garmin aera Pilot-Friendly GPS Manual

Garmin aera Pilot-Friendly GPS Manual

The Garmin aera 500, 510, 550, and 560 Pilot Friendly GPS Manual

Although the manufacturer's manual contains the official recommendations and is a tremendous reference, ZD Publishing, Inc. concentrates on a task-oriented format that guides you step-by-step. Generous use of graphics helps you understand the text for unfamiliar tasks. All the GPS operations are covered. This comprehensive manual also describes all the receiver's pages and their uses. The table of contents, combined with the task-oriented format, make this take-along manual an invaluable aid for seldom-used features.

This Pilot-friendly manual from ZD Publishing, Inc. covers all the models in the Aera series. The 500 includes the basic GPS for air and ground while the 510 adds support for NEXRAD imaging and other great XM WX satellite weather capabilities. The 510 also comes with detailed terrain mapping, Garmin’s patented Panel page and preloaded street maps. The 550 steps up to higher-resolution terrain graphics, detailed aviation and automotive mapping with preloaded SafeTax charts and AOPA Airport Directory. It also includes built-in support for premium auto navigation and traffic features. The 560 combines high-resolution graphics with support for XM WX satellite weather capabilities. It also comes with preloaded SafeTaxi charts, AOPA Airport Directory, City Navigator NT street mapping, and support for premium auto features.

The Table of Contents lists all the operations and pages in the unit. Find the operation you're interested in and go to that page to find step-by-step procedures to accomplish the task. Get up and running FAST! Although the manual from Garmin contains the official recommendations and is an excellent reference, this GPS manual is designed to be used in conjunction with the unit in Simulator Mode. This combination will safely lower your learning curve without the noise and distractions that accompany flying. The manual is also a valuable take-along tool in the cockpit for a quick reference as needed.

Author:  John Dittmer
Publisher:  ZD Publishing, Inc.


List Price: $39.95
Now: $36.50

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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