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Jeppesen FliteStar VFR Flight Planning Software - North America information
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Jeppesen FliteStar VFR Flight Planning Software - North America

- 11 customer reviews.

Jeppesen FliteStar VFR Flight Planning Software - North America

FliteStar - High Performance Flight Planning Software

All three versions: VFR, IFR, and Corporate FliteStar revolutionize desktop flight planning with extraordinary graphics, superior routing algorithms, blazing speed, and much more - all contained within an incredibly easy-to-use interface. The amazing vivid colors and high definition make FliteStar's customizable maps a cut above the competition.  You can adjust your display to show just a single chart, multiple charts, toolbars, and information bars, or anything in between. And that's just a start! 

FliteStar VFR
This Low-Cost, But Feature-Rich Product Is The Perfect Solution For The VFR Pilot's Flight Planning Needs. 

The pilot's choice among flight planning software now comes in a VFR version. FliteStar VFR is not a bare-bones flight planner. This basic version of FliteStar gives you comfort and flexibility in flight planning with unparalleled precision and speed. You can adjust your display to show just a single chart, multiple charts, toolbars, and information bars, or anything in between. Optional charts on CD ROM can also be purchased to show additional VFR chart detail. FliteStar VFR includes the functionality to satisfy even the most discriminating VFR flyer with features that include:

  • Graphical TFR Depiction
  • GPS upload capability
  • Point-and-click as well as automatic routing. 
  • Routing between VORs, NDBs, airports, and user-defined waypoints. 
  • Direct and great circle paths. 
  • Routing around special use airspace. 
  • Color-coded elevation information in the planview and profile views. 
  • Terrain avoidance flight planning option. 
  • Internet or modem connection to GTE or DTC DUATS. 
  • Graphic weather overlays 
  • Printed NavLogs, flight plans forms, and more. 
  • Weight and balance and CG location calculations. 
  • Over 50 aircraft models and the ability to build your own. 
  • Fully compatible with Jeppesen digital RasterPlus VFR and nautical charts. 
  • Sunrise and sunset calendar. 
  • Color-coded elevation information that can be viewed in both the planview and profile views. 
  • Internet or modem connection to GTE or DTC DUATS for current weather and flight plan filing. 
  • Auto load function makes installation and NavData updates incredibly easy. 

All FliteStar products can be easily upgraded. For example, buy FliteStar VFR to get started and when you are ready for expanded features and more capability simply pay the current price difference between the VFR and IFR version to upgrade!

FliteStar Minimum Computer Requirements:
IBM compatible PC using Pentium II processor (166-200 MHz or faster processor recommended) with Windows(R) 98SE, ME, 2000, NT 4.0 or higher, XP, or Vista. 8x CD-ROM drive, 64MB system RAM memory, 165 - 900MB hard drive space, (space required varies greatly by coverage area and data loaded), 1MB of 2D video RAM, SVGA 800 x 600 monitor, 300dpi Window compatible printer.


List Price: $149.00
Now: $119.20

Add Jeppesen FliteStar VFR Flight Planning Software - North America To Cart

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Customer Reviews For Jeppesen FliteStar VFR Flight Planning Software - North America:
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Monday, March 12, 2018
i have used this since 1995
by peter from Batavia NY USA 

Review: Quite complex but has many features. I am still learning features. I use it for Part 135 flight planning it is great for preflight planning and flight plan filing.
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Friday, November 06, 2015
What a waste of code
by Gary from Los Altos CA USA 

Pros: You get maps, but you can get the extact same at Skyvector for free
Cons: Too many to write about
Review: Does almost nothing. Very hard to use and requires multiple logins just to use it. I'm not that happy with voyager from Seattle Avionics, but I may go back.
Big mistake buying this.
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Monday, March 10, 2014
by David from Farmington, NM 

Review: I find it hard to use, had an older version, hoped the newest version would be better easier to use but I find it not so
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Monday, October 12, 2009
difficult to use
by jon from washoe valley NV USA 

Pros: a good great circle route
Cons: could not get into details for in route
Review: Hard to view smaller portions for details.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
I like it, it's very easy to use
by David from Raleigh NC USA 

Pros: Very Easy
Cons: Not so easy on VOR settings
Review: Very user-friendly software. Been enjoying it alot with my flight simulator game. One area is hard is to change the VOR setting to the game setting. Other than that I like the route maps I can print. Thanks again for a great software. Keep up the good work!!!
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Friday, April 11, 2008
Does almost everything.
by Rick from Chino, CA 

Pros: Maps, space, airport information, weather and price is great.
Cons: Known bug w/GPS moving map and RoutePack that Jep decided not to fix before discontinuing the product.
Review: I have owned VFR Flite Star and Flite Map for about four years and have found it to be an exceptional product. I use the update service and have it on my Motion Computer, as well as my desk top. It may not be simple to learn, but any complex program that does a lot just is not easy to use. I really don't like to fly without it. Knowing eactly where you're at and going is a comfort. Yes, a Garmin 530W might do a better job for some, but not for my money. Flite Map has been discontinued for FliteDeck, which is far more expensive and designed for IFR.
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Monday, March 17, 2008
Jip-esen FlightStar
by Texas Cross Country Flyer from Central Texas 

Pros: From a long- established company
Cons: You need to be a super-geek to use this complex product
Review: I purchased this more than a year ago and have found the learning curve excessive in regard to excessive features I really need. One of my biggest complaints is trying to get an online update. It isn't an easy process and I threw in the towel. When I plan a long cross country flight, I would like to make adjustments to the plan that FlightStar computes. This is nearly impossible to divert to another airport from the plan FlightStar renders. In addition, I own a Cessna 150-160. My tiny bird has a gass guzzeling 160 horespower Lycoming engine, not the whoosie 100 pony Continental. Since I have the standard tanks, I really can't plan going more than an hour and a half before needing to land and refuel. The software has many default airplanes in it's database, but I find it difficult to adjust the fuel planning for my needs, since my hybrid-Cessna isn't in their mix of airplanes. At the bottom of the screen (after you have plugged in your departure airport and destination airport) is a graphical representation of the altitude you will fly at (the software does ask you what altitude you want to fly at) but the graphic is difficult to understand, especially when you zoom out, zoom in or go North or South or East or West of the map representation. I also wish this software did a better job of showing highways and roads. I spent a lot of time flying with my father in "big-iron" flying IFR and these days I simply like to fly low, and this software simply looks more like what a jet-jocky would be happy with, not some lowly guy like me flying a Cessna. I won't be buying their update. I will be buying someone else's product in the next several days.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008
I wouldn't buy it again
by andrew from manassas park VA USA 

Pros: maps are nice in color
Cons: see above, to many features I don't like. It seems the program was developed by very literate programmers and not designed for pilots who have no real desire, or time to mess with the program
Review: The program is very user UNFRIENDLY. There are features which are only available in the IFR or another version. You can't save the maps to a disk and then print out on another computer that doesn't have the software loaded. To delete a leg of a route is difficult to figure out, in most cases it's easiest to delete the entire route and start over. I would definitely not buy it again. unfortuneatly, I bought the IFR version also (you can't load the IFR version on top of the VFR) oh yes, requires obtaining a "key" to open the program obtained on-line. Altogether to much messing about.
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Saturday, May 05, 2007
unfriendly software
by Brian Forsyth from Thunder Bay, ON 

Pros: some good features and map detail, the potential is there
Cons: unnecessarily difficult to use, scrolling will make you crazy, etc
Review: cumbersome, not intuitive, needs bigtime fix. The old 'Mentor' original was a much more useable package. Back to the drawing board, boys.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
by Louis-M. Carriere from Saint-Hubert, Quebec 
Review: Loved: Meteo , Maps, details of information, horizontal view, lot of usefull and useless functions. Hated: Not made for ultra-light, difficulties with the altitude setting of segments of route, only 1 month of upgrade (I don't mean airport data, I mean the software itself), when you create a new route and ask that the route should avoid certain areas, most of the time it says a route can't be traced, navigation log hard to read, cost 200$, no french version. In 2 months I programmed a better program for ultra-light flights including google maps satelite view, meteo, in french and english, etc... cost me 0$... ;) learn to program and be free -- DTA Combo 503 owner
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No

Friday, August 13, 2004
by A Customer from Woodstock MD 
Review: I think this product is still a but buggy and lacks some features, but it is a good start. I.e. When I changed all default units to gallons, the weight/balance calculations were still in liters. Also the VFR version does not include air intersections, which we use as references when exiting the Washington ADIZ. Limited number of aircfraft included, and you need a separate paid subscription to incorporate weather. No way to change the default fuel, and if you add a passenger to weight, he doesn't show up in your FAA flight plan report. I definitely would not have paid for the VFR or corporate version until it gets more mature.
Was this Review Helpful to you?   Yes   No




Previous Customer Questions For Jeppesen FliteStar VFR Flight Planning Software - North America:
Ask Your Own Question
On Friday, May 01, 2015 a customer asked:
I have Flitestar VFR for Africa installed on my PC - do you have an update for it on your website - there does not appear to be any updates??
A: You can find the FlightStar VFR Africa updates here.  This will give you one update every four months for a year.  

On Monday, January 17, 2011 a customer asked:
Is Flitestar compatible with Windows 7? Also, does i come with a DVD for easy installation?
A: Yes, this is compatible with Windows 7 either 32 bit or 64 bit.  It comes on a CD-ROM for easy installation. 

On Saturday, April 04, 2009 a customer asked:
Does Flitestar VFR v9 work with the Garmin 496 GPS unit for uploading / downloading plans?
A: Yes, that will work just fine.

On Monday, March 02, 2009 a customer asked:
Is the Flite Star software compatible with Mac OSX?
A: No it is not. It requires a Windows operating system to run.

On Monday, May 19, 2008 a customer asked:
Is North America, Europe, Africa, and Australasia covered in the software or do I have to specify Europe in order to get Europe covered ?
A: Each coverage area is sold separate.   If you need the Europe coverage you would need this edition of FliteStar.  You can find all of the coverage areas for FliteStar here.

On Monday, November 19, 2007 a customer asked:
The map in the product description looks like Germany. Is there a world version of the program?
A: The FliteStar VFR has coverage areas for North America, Europe, Africa, and Australasia. There is a Jeppesen FliteStar IFR - Worldwide Coverage available.

On Thursday, October 25, 2007 a customer asked:
Does the FliteStar programs included maps for Mexico, because most of my flying is in Mexico. Thank you
A: Yes, this version of the FliteStar software covers North America.

On Friday, October 19, 2007 a customer asked:
how much does it cost to get updates
A: A one-time update is $69.00 or you can get an annual subscription (3x per year) for $160.55. Here is a link to them: Jeppesen VFR FliteStar Updates

On Wednesday, September 12, 2007 a customer asked:
Is this software will be able to upload and download with Garmin GPS?
A: Yes, you can make a connection with your GPSMap to both upload and download to this software.



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