Reviews for Cockpit USA Mustang A-2 Leather Jacket

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  • By Taylor from San Antonio, TX on Friday, March 10, 2017
  • Pros: Authentic feel. Fantastic color. Tenacious look
  • Cons: Awkward pockets. Frequent squeakies. Too shiny
  • Review:

    Not a very warm jacket; it's not insulated. Plenty of room to add layers underneath. Warm when you do so. Blocks wind as well as leather can. It's also not a bad sunshield with minimal layers.

    It's definitely a comfortable jacket. I love putting it on. I like the silky lining and the weight of the jacket. When I first put it on, it was incredibly stiff and squeaky-- no bueno. I started wearing it to do anything and everything and now it's just squeaky during movies. Squeaky armpits for life haha. I've only had it for two and a half months. My shoulders really aren't broad enough for this thing, but I think it fits me ok. I ordered the small. The back of the jacket sits right at my tail bone. I'm 5' 7" , my chest size is 36 and I weigh in at 62 kilos (136 lbs) or more. My jacket adds about a kilo to my weight on the bathroom scale.

    The jacket is slightly roomy for me. Room for warm layers underneath, I guess. Maybe I'm just thin. I like that it's definitely a darker brown than in the picture. It's kind of shiny at the same time as it is distressed. Probably a protective layer or something. I hope the sheen goes away, honestly.

    The cuffs are in good condition, but they seem easily frayed. I've realized the sleeves are a tad longer than I'd like them to be. Even so, when I put my hands in the side entry pockets, it's a slight struggle to free them. Some of the stitching has actually come loose on the left front pocket to make a small hole when that part is stretched. Probably just a defective stitch, because this jacket is otherwise solid.

    TL; DR: Not a pilot. Coolest looking jacket I've ever owned. Non-insulated. Nice dark brown. Squeaky. I love the feel. The pockets are functional but feel awkwardly placed. Size small is a little roomy (chest size 36). Maybe should've ordered the extra small.

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Very cool jacket,fits like a glove!!

  • By Grasshopper from Somerset,CA USA on Monday, November 23, 2015
  • Pros: Fit is good, warm and cozy, once you get your hands in pockets, they're warm too
  • Cons: Side pockets are almost too small to get your hands in.
  • Review: This jacket is a great fit.  A little stiff at first but like new underwear it becomes a part of you.  You wont regret buying this jacket, except for the price, it's a little high, but it is all leather.  Great on motorcycle rides and the wind wont get in at all.  Feels just like the WW2 flight jacket I got from a Vet. I wore it until it fell apart and I expect to do that again.
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