Reviews for Dual XGPS160 SkyPro Bluetooth GPS Receiver

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Didn't meet my expectations

  • By Derek from UK United Kingdom on Thursday, June 22, 2017
  • Review: I bought this product to interface into my iPad and use with JEPPFD-Pro. The interface worked perfectly, however, I have struggled to get continuous satellite coverage. I fly the A330 around Europe and the USA. It will lock on and give coverage for 90 minutes with no issues and then for the remainder of the flight no coverage at all. This has happened across the Atlantic and also within Europe.
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Good product, poor support from the manufacturer

  • By A Customer from Hartford CT USA on Thursday, October 17, 2013
  • Pros: Locks on satellites quickly and stays locked during flight, multiple connections via bluetooth.
  • Cons: Poor vendor support
  • Review: mypilotstore gives great service. The vendor that markets the XGPS160 not so much.

    On 10/10/13 I emailed their tech support with the following; In looking through the FAQs for the XGPS160 several references are made to the SkyPro app yet no such app exists for Android on Google Play. Do you have an Android version available? How do Android users check their firmware version and update if necessary?

    On 10/16 they replied with, We will have the app but it's under construction and we will need more time. I replied asking for an answer to my second question regarding firmware updates for Android users to which they replied on the following day (literally) Thank you and will be able to do the update when the app is available unless you want me to check and see if the unit is shipped back if one of guys can have it done.

    So basically after waiting 7 days for a complete reply the best they have to offer is a non-committal answer about an app that is somewhere in development and if you happen to be an Android user you will have to ship the device back to them just to find out if you are using the latest firmware.

    You be the judge.
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