Reviews for RAM Mount System for 10 inch iPads without Cases

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Right yoke position/mount limits iPad R/L movement on C172N

  • By A Customer from Ukiah CA USA on Thursday, May 16, 2013
  • Pros: Easy mounting,
  • Cons: See above. Product is not defective, but limitation should be disclosed.
  • Review: The yoke mount product isn't satisfactory for right yoke mount iPad deflection on C172N. The iPad hits the right door post and (L) mixture control when yoke is turned to full L/R position. (I understand it would be rare for that full deflection either side, but it should have free range). I am switching to the suction mount. I suspect this would not be a problem with a mini ipad mount.
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Works well in a C172, Solid materials

  • By Brian from Stafford VA USA on Wednesday, September 04, 2013
  • Pros: Durable, doesn't fall off, nice snap-in locking mechanism for the iPad
  • Cons: a bit difficult to mount to the glare shield of a C172, brief instructions and mounting bolts that are too long
  • Review: I bought this to use in rental C172s, so it needs to go in and come out frequently. The material is strong and substantial. I used it on a 20+ hour XC and it never fell off or moved a bit once mounted (nice). The issues are that the nylon bolts are too long and require shortening to use in the configuration of the C172 (easy to do). Also, the instructions are pretty weak and it takes quite a bit of "finagaling" to attach the mount to the glare shield given the close proximity of the ball mounting system. I wish the mounting system was a little bit easier to use, but it's the best system that I have found to mount an iPad. Overall, It's very a very good product, but wanted to share some of the minor issues that owners may encounter. If you're looking for something that works, this does it, but don't expect a quick mount and dismount from your glare shield.
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I would buy this product again

  • By Toms from Argentina on Thursday, October 03, 2013
  • Pros: it works
  • Cons:
  • Review: It met my expectations.
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