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Connection to iPad unreliable

  • By Greg Cessna 206 from Springboro OH USA on Wednesday, June 19, 2013
  • Pros: Nothing,
  • Cons: You expect it to work and it doesn't. Can't screw around on plane.
  • Review: Received the Bad Elf Pro, downloaded the app and it would not connect. Emailed Bad Elf they gave me a number of things to do (updates, settings, etc.) none of them worked. They do not have a support phone number. Threatened BadElf that I would return to MyPilotStore if they did not contact me within 24 hours by phone. 20 hours later got phone call. They had me do other magical things and it worked, and said I should have no more problems. One week later on a trip outbound it worked. On the return trip it did not. Fiddled with it for at least an hour in the plane (had copilot). A day later I spent another hour attempting to connect the two (both units said they were "connected" but it would not display on the map and none of the readouts would display (heading, speed, etc.) Everything fully charged. Is not reliable enough for me to use on my plane. If you are going to try it I would suggest having backup plan out and ready for use. Attempted use with SkyChartsPro.
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Bad elf 10 Degrees off from my Garmin 650

  • By Shelley from morrisville NC USA on Sunday, April 07, 2013
  • Pros: breadcrums, battery life
  • Cons: freezes, gives wrong direction.
  • Review: So I tried this atleast 2 times before I went ahead and post a bad review.
    Good :
    I moved from DUAL XGPS150 just because this can connect to 5 devices and I use 1 ipad and 1 Iphone and keep 1 ipad reserve (call me crazy, but I live to fly another day)
    Breadcrums : This GPS can log a track to review later on. Good for review (however I think cloudahoy has taken this to a new level)

    Good Battery life , No worries, It hold the carge for a long long time.

    I fly from KRDU and fly a warrior with a Garmin 650 (IFR certified). At all times I keep the Bad Elf hanging from sun visor so it has full access to the sky above (good reception). I have 10-11 satellites in picture and atleast 9-10 are connected.

    My garmin 650 would show about 9-10 Degrees difference(more) from the bad elf. I would put my trust in the Garmin. 9-10 degrees difference is a lot. I thought bad elf was giving me the magnetic north and not the true north as I was close to the 9 degree West variation line but this is GPS it is supposed to show me the true north.

    Secondly, I had it on the warrior dash for a 2 hour flight (spring, OST on the ground was 50F), the bad elf froze (it was showing last known coordinates) It would not shut down, none of the buttons would work. It was slightly warm to the touch (not hot). I left it as it is about 2 hours later I was able to shut it down and restart it. You cannot remove the batteries from this so good luck of you are solely relying on this for GPS coordinates.
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Doesn't Work

  • By ben from Waterford VA USA on Thursday, May 16, 2013
  • Review: We followed both the instruction manual and the app. The iPad shows the Bad Elf bluetooth and the receiver shows a GPS signal. Unfortunately, the airplane position is not shown on our JeppView.

    The second problem is there is no customer support. Jeppesen can't help as it's not their product and I can't find anyone to talk to on our issue.

    I wish I could have tried it before purchasing.

    This seems to be a product for GA and not jets.

    [Editor:  For support, please contact or call 860-233-1526]
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