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Buy the items separately and purchase the book instead of the DVD.

  • By Ryan from Missouri on Wednesday, January 15, 2014
  • Pros: Most items in the kit are good educational tools
  • Cons: The DVD's are horrendous
  • Review:

    The DVD instrument training video series is an abomination. The only nice thing I can say about the videos is the various animations were well created and helpful visual aids to learning. The animations were the only thing that displayed any form of professionalism in the video series. Although the videos followed the table of contents and kind of stayed on subject matter, they were horribly edited, and while an instructor would be giving a lesson on a particular subject, the video would cut, sometimes mid sentence, to an interview that may or may not be relevant. It seemed like the actors were given only one take because they stumbled on their words frequently, were clearly reading from a teleprompter, and seemed generally nervous in front of the camera. In one scene, the actor messes up and you can hear someone behind the scenes say something to them before they continue. I would not recommend this video series to anyone. I watched the DVD's once and just bought ASA's instrument book for around $20 bucks. Save your money.

    Besides the awful videos, the rest of the kit is very helpful. The en route charts learning book is well written and the kit includes the practical test standards and instrument flying manual. The software is easy to use, although you can go to exams4pilots and get the same thing for free...

    I gave the kit 2 stars because most items in the kit are good educational tools, but if I could give negative stars for the videos I would.

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