Reviews for Aerox 2-Place Portable Aviation Oxygen System

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Very disappointed

  • By Eric from Laramie WY USA on Monday, August 20, 2012
  • Pros: Well-built, easy to configure and use, comfortable
  • Cons: Oxi-saver cannulas do not appear to provide the advertised O2 duration.
  • Review: I bought the bigger tank (M model) because it was supposed to last 13 hours @ 15K feet. First time I used it, it lasted less than 6, forcing me down to 12,500 feet. I had to pick my way through mountains up to 14,500 (while maintaining 12,500 feet max) for the last two hours in order to get home!! I routinely checked that the flow rate was still set for 15K throughout the usage period, and it was. Haven't tried to use it again, since the first experience was so frightening.
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