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Great Product, good value, but could be more specific in a few areas

  • By George Yundt from Orland Park IL USA on Monday, June 13, 2011
  • Pros: Handy, size and legibility excellent. Easy to carry and find in Flight Bag
  • Cons: Lacks some specificity, especially for aircraft model's that have different Avionics variations: Secifically a number of the later models have both Avidyne and Garmin Variants (IMHO, there should be a different CheckMate, written with more specificity for each)
  • Review: First, this is my 4th purchased Checklist from CheckMate; so consider me a satisfied repeat customer (Baron 58P, G-36 Bonanza, Cirrus SR-22 and Corvalis 350)

    Greatly reduces cockpit clutter, excellent quick reference and aircraft review (especially if you fly lots of different aircraft, as I do and potentially need a quick refresher).

    However, it does lack lots of specificity. You need to "learn" to use the CheckMate Checklist by running the POH checklist in parallel with the CheckMate a few times to fully understand what is being omitted (for brevity, otherwise the CheckMagte would also be numerous pages)

    A significant but simple improvement suggestion: Modify the layout and change the surface (eliminate the laminant) over the aircraft's weight table. Include top to bottom Max Gross, Empty, Max FuelUseful then full fuel payload boxes that can be written upon with either a temporary or permanent Marker. Also, somewhere on the front, a space for the aircraft's SN, N Number
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