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Too much "buck" for the overall "bang"

  • By A Customer from Rapid City SD USA on Friday, July 20, 2012
  • Pros: Comfortable and lightweight
  • Cons: Limited Bluetooth functionality
  • Review: Bose makes a very nice headset. It is comfortable to wear and lightweight. However, the noise canceling could be better and the Bluetooth functionality is limited. Although the product description says otherwise, you can only use Bluetooth when making or receiving calls. You cannot use Bluetooth for listening to music, or listening to your email or text messages being read to you. You can however, plug in your phone or MP3 player using the auxiliary jack. All in all, I expected more for the price.
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Over-Priced!!! Quality Headset

  • By Joseph from Oklahoma City, OK on Friday, March 31, 2023
  • Pros: Image, quality
  • Cons: Price
  • Review: With competitor headsets at over half the price, you can get similar value with no noticeable drop in quality.
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Yellow Light....

  • By GAP from Santa Barbara CA USA on Tuesday, October 12, 2010
  • Pros: Excellent Noise Reduction, good fit, replaceable head pad
  • Cons: Bluetooth failed in one week. BT volume knob fell off. Replacement is taking weeks due to OS
  • Review: I own a Bose X, and a Lightspeed Zulu. This Bose A20 was my third Headset.

    The Bose X has proven to be rock solid, comfortable and works great. The Lightspeed Zulu is also well made, comfortable, has better NR, the Bluetooth works well, (although there are perhaps too many cables involved if you want to also hook up your iPod for music). The Control module design and controls do not inspire great confidence in their longevity, but so far have worked well. The Bose A20 has better NR than the X, and I would say that it is roughly on a par with the LSZulu, so I would say they are even there.

    The A20 control module, however, is even more "plasticy" and fragile than the LSZulu, and indeed the Bluetooth volume adjustment knob, just fell off or broke off during normal use after about 4 flights. The Bluetooth electronics also just quit working at all, at the same point.

    I called Bose and they agreed to replace the unit, but by the time the RMA arrived, they had none left to ship me, and it is now going to be weeks and perhaps over a month before they can replace the unit. First let me say that I am a good, and frequent purchaser of Bose audio products, and this is the first time I have had one fail in 10 years of Bose purchases. This experienced reliability is why I purchased their new headset instead of another LSZulu. Features and NR performance, being equal, I chose Bose. Now, I am very disappointed, and given the nature and timing of the failure, I have to say this issue should not have happened with their new $1000+ headset, and feels like a too early release of a new product, due perhaps to arrogance and greed on the part of Bose, in releasing a less than perfect new product in order to get it to market quickly. This almost immediate failure and the questionable product design, make me believe they rushed the A20 to market before it was fully tested in order to compete with the LSZulu, which offered better NR performance, desirable, up to date additional features the Bose X did not, and was clearly taking market share away from Bose in the professional market. I suspect they did not adequately test the sub components, materials and product design of their unit to make sure it was rock solid like the X is.

    My conclusion is that it is potentially a good unit, and can undoubtedly be reconfigured to provide good service, but they may have to adjust some materials and 'chips' to make it right if there prove to be reliability, strength or product design issues with the product, as I suspect based on my experience. Bose is a strong company, and can, and I believe will, fix any flaws in their new design, and make it right for their trusting customers, but it is annoying and expensive to be caught in what looks to me like a "beta test" situation with a new product, and a rush to meet sales quotas instead of retaining an adequate supply of units for field failure replacements. When I spend over a thousand dollars for an aviation headset, I expect "perfect" and "well tested" and excellent Quality Control. Clearly, this did not happen this time.

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If I had it to do again..

  • By Chad from Houston on Tuesday, February 09, 2021
  • Pros: Comfort.
  • Cons: Bose seems to have all but nixed it's accesability and superior Customer experience.
  • Review: The noise cancelation works. The comfort around the ears alone is almost worth the price. The mic jack is brittle; I'm about to go in on my second replacement for that. The spring on the top of the head gets annoyingly uncomfortable after a few hours. May still be worth the expense if you're in a piston. Especially if you are a CFI, or frequently in the plane. I haven't used the Lightspeed ZULU product; but wish I'd givien it heavier consideration at this point...
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Expensive and probably not worth the price

  • By A Customer from Tracy CA USA on Tuesday, April 19, 2016
  • Pros: Looks professional and comfortable
  • Cons: Really expensive, not worth the price
  • Review: It's a great product and works great. But for $1100 it's overpriced. I tried other products as well and besides the noise cancelling there wasn't much different. Something I learned was that it's good to be able to listen to your engine. I think next time I will buy something in the range of $500. Also, I don't think I will ever use the Bluetooth. Not worth the extra $100.
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Good headset

  • By Carlos from Sanford FL USA on Tuesday, March 21, 2017
  • Pros: Light headset and good noise cancellation
  • Cons: Bad quality material, always carrying batteries with me
  • Review: Very light headset and very good noise cancellation.
    The only aspect that I would change is the material seems to be very bad quality, and I don't like that I always need to have batteries with me.
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a very good product with a few flaws

  • By Charles from Broome WA Australia on Friday, November 02, 2012
  • Pros: Noise cancelation, comfort
  • Cons: Battery life, Music capability, craftmanship
  • Review: The bose A20 avation headset isn't all its cracked up to be. Although the noise cancellation feature is as good as it gets and allows you to fly, in comfort, hours without fatigue, a few small things need improvement.

    The main chord of the headset always tangles on its self due material.
    The battery doesn't last 40 flight hours, probably closer to 25.
    Can't blutooth music must use AUX cable
    No setting that will dim the music volume when transmissions are received its either cut completely off or stays the same volume.
    Remote a little cheap and flimsy for the price you're paying expect more.
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great quality but bulky

  • By Fred from Clermont FL USA on Sunday, October 13, 2013
  • Pros: Great noise cacelling. I am less tired at end of day.
  • Cons: Need to keep spare batteries handy and bulky
  • Review: Great noise cancelling, doesn't seem to shut off as easily as instructions imply, bulky, little tight around the ears but after awhile and a few adjustments you get used to it, if you use a HUD (Heads Up Display) system it seems to catch it if you lean forward.

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