Rugged Air RA200 Headset

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Two Different Headsets, Both DOA.

  • By Stoo-dent Pilot from Tennessee on Tuesday, May 01, 2012
  • Pros: Cooperative customer service from manufacturer
  • Cons: Neither set worked
  • Review: As a student pilot, I was looking for an entry level headset so I purchased one of these because of the fair price, visual appeal and generally positive reviews. The first set arrived and the mic didn't work. This was verified by trying the headset at two different crew stations and in two different aircraft. I contacted Rugged and they sent me a return shipping label and I returned the unit. The second unit sent to me went from bad to worse - I couldn't hear or talk on this one. Again, this was confirmed by trying the unit at different crew stations. I called Rugged and they readily agreed to refund my money. I have since purchased a DC unit.
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