Reviews for Comm1: IFR Radio Simulator CD-ROM

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just ehh!!

  • By ken from Brooklyn Center MN USA on Friday, June 26, 2015
  • Pros: helpful
  • Cons: too pricey
  • Review: Over priced, great idea! But needs updating.  For 80 "smackers" I expected more. Should be an on-line version for a less expensive price and immediate use. For eighty-some bucks they should include copying clearances.  If you have money to toss around good to have.
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Good in concept, dated in it's application

  • By A Customer from Florence KY USA on Sunday, June 26, 2011
  • Pros: In depth situations, easy to review, communication breakdowns
  • Cons: No fast forward, Responses can be read, simulated radio tuning
  • Review:

    This is very helpful simulator in that it teaches you proper radio etiquette and what to expect in just about every situation. It would be nice to have the software updated with current ATC phrases (i.e. Line up and wait) but this is minor.

    The software forces you to read through the responses and to pick/say the correct one, thus limiting you ability to "know" what to say and allowing you to just read what you see. (This won't help you to be able to communicate effectively in the air.)

    A multiple choice option makes you unable to just speak your responses and compare it during a debrief to a professional pilot.
    The simulated "tuning of the proper freq" that makes you may be good for beginning pilots, but adds another step that isn't learning what to say and what to expect in the IFR communication environment.

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