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Not worth the price.

  • By Kasper from IrvineCAUSA on Friday, June 03, 2011
  • Pros: Contains a lot of realistic audio
  • Cons: The interface is a constant source of frustration.
  • Review: I was very exited to try this cd, unfortunately it failed to live up to my expectations. Let me get right to the point. The interface is horrible. The interface consists of a list of situations you can play through, and for each situation there are a number of steps you must complete in order to get to the actual radio communication. This gets exceedingly tedious. There is no way to jump to the part of the exercise that is relevant to you, the only choice is to go though it from beginning to end. Even if you previously started an exercise that you had to abort, you can't jump back to the point where you left it, you have to do the whole thing from the beginning.

    If I want to practice radio communication, the interface forces me to spend 80% of my time looking up frequencies in various publications and setting the radios. There is no way to bypass this and it is a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, it's great that this cd allows you to practice looking up important information, but it should be optional. You should be able to practice whatever you're having problems with and the other stuff should not get in your way. At the moment this is not the case.

    In addition to the poor interface design I also experienced technical hiccups. It happened several times that the push-to-talk button was released before I released the mouse button, or that I was told to 'read the entire text next to the button' even though I had done that.

    Such problems would be something you could live with if the product was free, but for $100, this is unacceptable.
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Better than nothing.

  • By Jeffrey from Jacksonville FL USA on Thursday, July 23, 2015
  • Pros:
  • Cons: crashes,
  • Review: Product crashes a lot.
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Needs Some Serious Updating

  • By Mike from Saint Louis MO USA on Thursday, April 01, 2010
  • Review: While this product does help the fledgling student pilot and perhaps helps certificated pilots to brush up on their comm skills, the graphics and interface are so outdated that it takes away from the overall learning experience. It is not intuitive, and clunky at best. At the price of nearly $100.00 it is clearly overpriced when most instructional DVDs a a third of the price. Perhaps the producers should take a look at the superior quality of Sporty's PPL series as a model and redo it. Then the cost would be justified and the learning experience enhanced.
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