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Great Test Study Guide

  • By Robert from Tempe AZ USA on Monday, March 29, 2010
  • Pros: Great bang for the buck
  • Cons: Confusing user interface
  • Review: I had previously passed the FAA Instrument test several years ago, accidently let it expire, and needed a quick cram session to retake it again. It definitely improved my score. The software is capable of asking you any or all of the questions you will see on the test. If you want the software to give you a legal FAA sign off form to take the official test, then you must answer all 938 questions. Plan on 7-10 days to answer all 938 questions. As a negative, the user interface was difficult to understand. For my situation, it wasn't clear if I should study or test sessions or just the standard test session. This was not apparent until I went through all the help guides. I ended using just the study sessions because they gave the best feedback, and the study sessions count towards the FAA sign off form. The Standard test session is great to see if you're ready for the real test, but are worthless if you want the sign off form. Be sure to take the official FAA test immediately after you study. Its amazing how fast I forgot some of the material.
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Good, but be careful with your updates!

  • By Doug from Savannah, GA on Wednesday, September 03, 2008
  • Pros: Quick and easy
  • Cons: Beware of updates
  • Review: I wrote an earlier review. Be careful with the updates. I was almost complete with my studies and the program asked to update and I OK'ed it. The update erases all performance history. I had to start over by answering the 650+ test question again to print the required Ground School certificate. Two weeks later I was took the Instrument Written Test but did not update for fear of loosing history again. Bad decision; there was another update out there two weeks later and the test changed. I was not familiar with the new questions. If you update you loose your performance history, if you do not you may get different questions than for which you have prepared for. A catch-22 situation. Overall a good product, however, when I called product support, I did not appreciate the "do not worry me with your problem attitude".
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I would highly suggest this to anyone

  • By Tyler from Belleville WI USA on Tuesday, April 10, 2012
  • Review: This is a perfect way to study for any of your flight tests. It is very, very helpful. I would definitely suggest this to anyone. Great study tool!
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great Gleim Test prep

  • By Gene from Red Bank NJ USA on Tuesday, April 08, 2008
  • Review: The study guide is great. The test material charts, weather maps, and approach plates do not have very good resolution. When you zoom in the pictures get blury. Makes some things difficult to read. Very easy to setup test and study guides.
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