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Reviews for APR's Professional / Military Pilot's Kneeboard

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Works great!

  • By Rob from a Cirrus from Boulder CO USA on Tuesday, November 25, 2014
  • Pros: sturdy, light weight considering it is all aluminum, holds what you need, comfortabl, compact
  • Cons: pencil holder on side is too narrow to hold all but a few pencil designs
  • Review: I am a retired naval aviator with a few thousand hours, and commercial and instrument tickets. I recently got the flying bug again and am working on getting current and remember why I love flying so much. Somehow I lost my trusty military kneeboard and saw this one from APR that looked a lot like it. It is somewhat smaller than the one I used in the navy, lighter and less bulky; all good things for the transition to a light GA aircraft. It seems sturdy enough and the few hours I ahve flown with it, I can say it holds things in place nicely. I don't think you could put a book of approach plates in it. I am very satisfied with it, considering the first knee board I purchased for GA use was a tri-fold design that seemed to be always in the way of something-it seems that GA cockpits are not as roomy as the multi-engine military aircraft I flew. If I have one suggestion to APR for a design improvement, it would be to enlarge the diameter of the pencil holder on the side so it would accomodate a typical ball-pont pen. I had to search far and wide for a mechanical pencil that would fit, and I have yet to find a retractable pen that fits. Maybe Cross pen would work
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Solid Construction with one concern

  • By Rob from Chicago - USA on Monday, May 23, 2011
  • Pros: solid contruction and leg forming
  • Cons: Sits too high off my leg with possible yoke interference
  • Review: I really like the solid construction and the heavy-duty clip at the top. It also has a lower, smaller clip. My only issue is the actual kneeboards height above my leg. Because of the leg forming structure, the actual board sits above the leg and the top of the larger upper clip is probably 2-3 inches above leg. I've noticed that it interferes with the flight controls because of its height. This would obviously depend on each persons seat height, but be aware of it. It's irrelevant if you have a stick.
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