Reviews for ASA Virtual Test Prep Ground School DVD - Instrument Pilot

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Save your money, just buy the "prepware", and study on your own!

  • By Shayne from Santa Barbara CA USA on Thursday, January 17, 2013
  • Pros: It comes in a nice case and the "Prepware" disc.
  • Cons: Awkward commentary provided by instructors who are visibly uncomfortable in front of the camera, little to no educational value beyond the same information which can be found in the test prep book or software.
  • Review: I purchased the virtual test prep as a Instrument refresher for an upcoming interview. Although I already have my commercial, instrument, and CFI, I thought the DVD ground school may help me, since I have not been flying professionally for about 5 years. The ground school DVDs are...painful at best to watch. I thought that because the DVDs were recently produced, they may not be as dry and dull as conventional study material... I was wrong. The DVDs are poorly edited, in one scene in particular they literally did a second take because the instructor missed his line. Someone in the editing department dropped the ball. The instructors appear awkward and are obviously reading the material verbatim from a teleprompter. At the end of each subject they review one or two questions from the FAA test prep, again reading directly from the test prep book. I'm not sure what the objective of these DVDs were, except to promote the working relationship between ASA and Stenbock Communications (the production company), which contributed several "guest instructors" for the program.
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