Reviews for Pilot USA PA-1181T Headset - "The Eliminator"

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It broke

  • By Rhodi from Magnolia TX USA on Tuesday, July 08, 2014
  • Review: Not even a month.

    Perfectly decent for a few weeks. Hubster bought a rock-bottom El Cheapo McCheap-Cheap, but I figured I'd spend just a shave more for an upgraded mic because no one can ever hear me. After a few flights, truth be told, I realized I couldn't tell any diff between his mic and mine. Either seemed fine in both sound and mic quality. But after a few weeks mine died. First the boom mic lost tension and wouldn't hold position. Then next day, the mic itself stopped working. Ironic that I paid a wee bit extra for better mic.

    Also, I babied my headset, whereas he treated his with no discernable respect. His is a second-hand Rugged.

    We'd both figured we'd buy cheap headsets as students, but that the cheapies would just act as spares later when we upgraded to better models. Av headsts are pricey Flight lessons are expensive enough! We don't have an extra grand apiece to spend on perfect headsets.

    I'll have to send this head set back and start over.
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