Reviews for David Clark H10-26 (for helicopters)

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These work ok

  • By A Customer from Utah on Monday, October 20, 2014
  • Pros: Basic helicopter headset, gel ear cups, good with glasses
  • Cons: Poor adjustment, less effective to be comfortable, puke green color
  • Review: Got this headset in my student pilot kit, have about 25 hours on it. I can't go deep into detail because I obviously don't have experience. It works ok for what it is, but I would have hated to have paid my own money for it.

    Clamp pressure is too tight, so I have to wear the set loosely on my head if I don't want a splitting headache from 2 hour flights. This does reduce the sound reduction a bit, but I wear ear plugs on the inside anyways, or else the noise reduction is insufficient even with a headache grip. I had to tape the headband, or else these will just fall back to the smallest adjustment. The gel ear cups are nice and comfortable once I got it fitting decently though, even with my glasses.

    I'd say if you're looking for a first headset, then buy the Telex Heli-XT on here instead. It's actually a few dollars cheaper right now. I'm already looking at upgrading headsets in the near future, and that one is high on the list for the value it brings at a low price.
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