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There are better ones out there.

  • By Cap'n Wally from Carlsbad NM USA on Friday, July 17, 2009
  • Pros: Some of the text was fresh and contained ideas and facts not seen in other textbooks.
  • Cons: Could have been more thoroughly proof read.
  • Review: The book was just adequate for use in our ground school. Too many of the illustrations were simple line drawings. Particularly, the airspace illustrations should have been easier to interpret and, perhaps been combined. Too many of them were simply copied from the AIM and only in black and white. There were multiple errors in the text. Example: on page 4-4 Mr. Gardner states that a student pilot "cannot log pilot in command time because they are not yet rated in any kind of aircraft". This differs somewhat from FAR 61.51(e)(4) which states that a student pilot may log PIC time. Another (page 5-17) states that you must get a SVFR authorization through a FSS. One may get it from center or tower or ground control, or,.... but you get the picture. The only color illustrations were in appendix D and a sample sectional chart, plus some airport signs, at the very back of the book. A less congested chart would have been less confusing to the students.
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