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Good information, riddled with errors

  • By A Customer from California, USA on Monday, June 14, 2010
  • Pros: Typography, ASA reputation
  • Cons: Too many errors endemic to ASA products in general
  • Review: ASA continues to be one of the go-to companies in written exam preparation, for better or worse. Unfortunately, my classmates and I discovered a few too many errors along the way, which can be said for a lot of ASA products. As long as one is willing to cross-check any irregularities, it'll be fine. Just don't assume that the answer is right if it sounds wrong, or the calculations don't add up. Other ASA products with errors include the IFR video series, and especially the Instrument Flying Handbook. The latter actually came with numerous-page supplement of revisions! It was necessary to cut and paste the updated diagrams into the book (which seemed a little extreme). Worse, the typographical errors were of such magnitude (paragraphs at times) that they changed the pagination of the book itself, rendering the index all but useless toward the rearmost chapters. ASA should have realized its mistake and reprinted. It's wrong to sell a publication so flawed, especially when dealing with something like instrument flying. Currently using Gleim for my FOI written and I'm finding their presentation a bit more precise and informative. The design is a bit less sophisticated, but content seems more accurate and effective.
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