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Absolutely Necessary

  • By A Customer from Tucson,AZ on Thursday, April 18, 2019
  • Pros: Very concise. An essential guide to the safe completion of this rating.
  • Cons: there are no cons
  • Review: This is an addition and detailed guide for the instructor and student to keep track of the students progress. To have a complete reference for items that need to be improved or that were not up to performance standards. And also to accomplish this without the instructor having to make up a syllabus. Really the question, simply answered, is what are all syllabus for? They wouldn't exist if they weren't a reason. When the student opens his kit, this should be followed in such a way that the student and the instructor are in agreement over what has and hasn't been accomplished and to what degree of proficiency. This wasn't just thrown into the kit to increase the price, it's there for a very good reason and in this case Gleim has done an out standing job of providing a framework to success.
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