Reviews for Logitech Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System

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  • Verified Purchase

  • By Dan from Singapore on Thursday, March 11, 2010
  • Review: The product is amazingly configurable and responsive .... when it works. About two months after I bought it, the female end of the connector mounted in the joystick started to short out with every slight tremor of the cable inserted into it from the throttle. I have emailed Saitek and MadCatz support twice with no response. Don't expect support from Saitek.
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Need of Improvement

  • By Derrick from Chehalis WA USA on Friday, April 28, 2017
  • Pros: Programmable buttons and switches at fingertips
  • Cons: Weak Centering Spring Design
  • Review: I bought a new joystick because my old X45 wouldn't center. However, the new one seems to have a soft spring design and so it tends to have a slight bit of play in the center; therefore, I have to unplug it when not in use because it interferes with other games. I bought another Saitek vs. a yoke due to the versatility of all the programmable buttons on the flight sticks, but I think Saitek needs to re-engineer the spring tension design from scratch.
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A little too much flash and not enough performance

  • By A Customer from MN USA on Tuesday, January 21, 2014
  • Pros: Very stylish, all-in-one, tons of control surfaces.
  • Cons: Loose spring and really tight thrust detents, Our model came with multiple broken bits.
  • Review: First, take this review with a grain of salt because mine is being returned to the manufacturer because of some faulty bits.

    Overall, my feelings from the little experience I got with it:

    Very stylish, throttle feels good, although I think the detent at the top and bottom feels a bit hard to push over. SOME of it feels very durable and well put together, but other parts are flimsyish plastic. Spring is SUPER loose, and I saw somewhere that it supposedly had a way to tighten the spring built in, but no. So loose spring is a part of life. However, what caused the RMA was a useless twist lock (I still got about 45% of play in the twist with the lock enabled) and a faulty mode select dial on the stick (loose, had no clicks in between and has an odd wobble)

    Overall, I wanted to give Saitek another chance after my old stick years ago, but now I wish I had gone with CH products.

    Biggest insult - after dropping the cash for this product, I then had to pay for the shipping to Saitek to get this RMAd (and they make sure we understand that the RMA may not be honored and they may send us the same unit back as it is, they might repair it, and they might replace it.

    We'll see in a few weeks if the stick is all I hope it is (when I hopefully get it back)
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