Reviews for Cessna T 210 M Checklist by CheckMate

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Well worth $15.

  • By N6927B from Boulder CO USA on Thursday, September 11, 2008
  • Pros: Complete, Easy to use, Durable.
  • Cons: Easily available mergency procedures can induce complacency.
  • Review: I also have a laminated checklist that I made myself. For $15 it's probably not worth the time to do it yourself. This checklist more complete and is specific to year, make and model but not necessarily your specific aircraft or installed equipment. The front of the check list contains lots of stuff I can and do use on each flight. The back of the check list contains emergency procedures. Having them in this form is useful if you haven't committed them to memory. IMO in an emergency the last thing you want to be doing in reading a checklist. This is stuff you should have memorized and really shouldn't have to look up, still this is better than fumbling for the POH. Lastly there is some generic stuff on there like light gun signals and common frequencies. IMO that space could have been better used by some aircraft specific info like landing distances or other performance data. I've already got the light gun signals on my knee board. In fact they are on pretty much ever single other pilot information cheat sheet I own.
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