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Save your dollars, go buy an instructor a cup of coffee instead

  • By Kevin from Santa Rosa CA USA on Monday, May 18, 2015
  • Pros: Accurately portrays a few issues to watch for, recommends a syllabus.
  • Cons: Repetetive piece-meal copied and pasted FAQ's from a website with some dialogue.
  • Review: Seriously save your money and go visit your local FBO and ask an instructor for a few words of wisdom, you'll develop a relationship and get the same answers in under 10 minutes. The book does give a few types of instructors to avoid or keep on track by knowing their game. It also prompts you to buy a syllabus and hold an instructor to it as best possible. A final word of caution, this book appears to be a compilation of website FAQ's which are repetitive in nature and geared towards the individual who already has a bit of aviation vocabulary.
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