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Good Headset. Not designed to Last Very Long

  • By Giefs from Minneapolis, MN on Monday, February 27, 2012
  • Pros: Light weight, Clear Voice
  • Cons: Short Life Span, considering how expensive they are!
  • Review: Everyone has given this headset very good reviews and while I agree that this is an excellent headset I would like to throw out the other side of the coin. I am a commercial airline pilot and I have used this headset daily for over 5 years. The light weight and passive ear tips do a great job of reducing flight deck noise making a 6 leg day much less fatiguing.
    That being said the durability of the headset needs to be much better. After year 3 the wires that attach to the ear piece began to fray. It conveniently happened after the 3 year warranty. Clarity Aloft charged $120 and all they did splice the old wires and attached new ear pieces onto the headset.

    One year later, I am having more issues. One of the ear pieces is very faint and not working correctly. Also, the rubber around the back that holds the wires is starting to crack. I stored the headset in it's case and did not abuse it.

    So is it a good headset? Yes for day to day use I love it. Is it going to last very long? Not likely, at least if you are using it as much as I am. I would really like Clarity Aloft to address the cheap design. I have talked to other pilots I work with and they have also had to replace the ear pieces on their headset, just make sure you do it before the 3 year warranty ends!

    Another piece of advice, @ $25 a pop for canal tips replacements. You can just throw them in a mesh bag in the wash machine and they come out as good as new!
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Not up to ANR competition even at 3/4th the price.

  • By Mark from Fort Lauderdale FL USA on Tuesday, February 26, 2013
  • Pros: Light weight
  • Cons: Insufficient noise reduction in Cirrus SR22
  • Review: Much louder than my Bose A20. Mic clarity not as good either.
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