GATS Fuel Jar Strainer

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It looks cool but doesn't work.

  • By Ehud from Tucson AZ USA on Tuesday, April 07, 2009
  • Pros: It's cute and sexy
  • Cons: Does not filter water at all. Not even one bit. No, really. It bites.
  • Review: It's a great jar for sampling and examining fuel, but as for its mystical powers of separating water from fuel, as the piece of string said -- I'm afraid not. There is an inherent design flaw in the lip of the jar, so when pouring fuel back into the tank after sampling, it's inevitable that fuel will spill onto the aircraft. A wind only makes the problem worse. I've dremel-ground my GATS Jar lip down to make it less of a sharp angle and it spills less. The manufacturer should do this. The second problem is that -- contrary to what the manual says -- it does not separate out fuel from water (specifically petroleum products from non-petroleum products). For this simulation I put 1/4 cup water in a plastic cup, used a marker to indicate the amount of water, and placed it in a cap-free GATS jar. I then put the cap on, and poured 91 octane lead-free gasoline making sure to wet the entire screen. I then poured the two-liquid mixture through the screen until it was empty. That's right -- the gasoline-coated screen did not prevent any water (at all) from going out. So is it fun to use a GATS jar? Sure. Would I recommend it for filtering particulates -- sure. Would I recommend it for filtering water -- heck no.
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  • By A Customer from USA on Monday, July 27, 2009
  • Pros: can almost sump 13 points before dumping
  • Cons: see "Your Review..."
  • Review: "needle" is lose. fuel sprays all over the place when you use it.
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