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A must read for the aspiring professional pilot

  • By Paul from Old Orchard Beach ME USA on Saturday, April 28, 2012
  • Pros: Very thought provoking
  • Cons: I would have liked surveys of active airline captains and how they would handle certain situations.
  • Review: The book is split into four parts: Introduction, Takeoff Phase, Enroute Phase, and Landing Phase. Many of the discussions include the analysis of accidents/incidents where the pilot's decisions resulted in negative outcomes (death in most cases). Flying is a serious business and the author stresses that point with not only instructional material but food for thought.

    The nicest thing about this book is that it gets you thinking. Knowing about the ramifications for different decisions helps a pilot create a plan of action for various scenarios. I would have liked the author to have included some command decisions by questioning other professional pilots about what they would do in such-and-such an emergency. Example: Some people say you should abort the takeoff below 80 knots for any problem, while others say only certain problems. The time it takes to process a warning light, make a decision, and then call for an abort may push you over a safe takeoff abort speed. How do 100 airline captains handle this?
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