Sigtronics S-AR ANR Headset

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Great performance for the price.

  • By matthew from Grass Valley CA USA on Wednesday, October 19, 2016
  • Pros: Price, Great passive and decent ANR.
  • Cons: Touch Bulky. Left mic only even though reversible.
  • Review: This is my second set of Sigtronics ANR headsets. Now my passenger can enjoy the quiet as well. Even if the battery dies, the passive function of the headset is better than most passive only headsets.
    A few quirks: Mic really REALLY needs to be on the left side. Putting the mic on the right produces some squeals and bass pulses. This is true of both headsets. To their credit, it says to keep it on the left in the manual.
    A touch bulky, but still better than the David Clarks.
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  • Verified Purchase

Underrated and Value Priced

  • By matthew from Grass Valley CA USA on Friday, August 26, 2016
  • Pros: Great PNR very quiet ANR. Comfortable. Price. Simplicity.
  • Cons: Bulky. Sound quality is good but "odd".
  • Review: After decades of engine building and machining I've lost some hearing. An aircraft is about the worst case scenario for me. During flight training I found myself preferring the Sig headset over just about anything else in the communal pile. I don't need bluetooth or phone, and I don't want to spend $800-1000 so I chose the Sig ANR. Cuts a huge amout of noise, and lets me hear traffic at our very busy local airport. Replaces low frequency with a bit of a hiss, but it is not that noticeable when in flight. Not the most natural sounding, but a massive step above PNR only. Sometimes my own volume over the intercom goes up when the ANR is active. Also a bit bulky if you are tall or in a very cramped cockpit. (I have both)
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