Sigtronics S-45 Headset

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Nice good quality passive headset

  • By Bill from Hampton VA USA on Wednesday, December 29, 2010
  • Pros: Good price, good workmanship, volume control, gel ear pads
  • Cons: Boom mic rigid wires can be stiff to adjust at times, but it is something you get accustomed to.
  • Review: I was looking for a good quality aviation headset for flight training. The S-45 fit the bill. It has an attractive cost, good fit, light weight and high quality materials. The warranty is the same as you would get from higher cost headsets. I have worn this headset for about 10 hours flight time and I rarely notice that it is on my head. I would buy this one again for a quality passive noise control headset.
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Very comfortable

  • By Barb from Portage MI USA on Tuesday, November 10, 2015
  • Review: The headset is very comfortable with good noise blocking.We will definitely consider purchasing a second.
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My 4-yr old loves hers (with 'small' headband mod)

  • By Pilot from Chester, CT on Monday, September 26, 2011
  • Pros: multiple headband sizes, clear voice, comfortable
  • Cons: Volume knobs on cups may interfere with carseat 'whiplash' head restraint paddign in some models. Not an issue with booster seats.
  • Review: I looked far and wide for a child's headset and had the means to get something better than the $99 models out there. Sigtronics appeared to be the only company that sold 'serious' headsets in children's sizes. Apparently the thing you want to avoid is having the headsets clamp down on the child's jaw, potentially causing discomfort over long periods of time. The small head band (sold separately) and the thicker padding of the S-45 solve this issue. In my selection, I made two decisions that I think really paid off. I did not go with noise cancelling because I wanted it to be failsafe for my 4-year old. I couldn't trust her to tell me that the noise cancelling was failing in flight, or worse, produced annoying or damaging feedback. Sigtronics have some of the best passive attenuation around, their headsets are fairly lightweight, and the stereo option means she can more fully enjoy her DVDs in flight. Second, I selected the metal mike boom to be able to really get the mike in close to her face. If you look closely at the attach point on the headset cup, the metal mike can actually slide to get the boom really close to the wearer's face. With the 'snake' boom (S-58 and up), you essentially have to arc it back in to get to the same place. To me that was an invitation for inadvertent and constant mike repositioning. Sound clarity is clear (I tested the headset myself before swapping the headband (a five-minute job), and I can hear her just fine when she speaks while in flight. I'm totally satisfied.
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This is a quality headset.

  • By Jack from Houston, Texas on Thursday, December 04, 2014
  • Pros: Great sound, comfy fit, wonderful accessories, very good noise cancellation.
  • Cons: None whatsoever.
  • Review: This headset performs exactly as the description states. Very comfortable ear cups and headpiece. Easy-to-use mic boom, clip, and volume knob. Great sound quality; it sounded like the controller was sitting in the right seat next to me. And the noise cancellation - awesome.
    An absolutely outstanding product for this kind of money.
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