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Good Basic Design - Questionable Construction

  • By Northwest Coffee Snob from Redding, CA on Tuesday, December 28, 2010
  • Pros: Roomy, enough pockets, but not too many, attached headset area that's not too small
  • Cons: Lame stitching
  • Review: I'm a CFI and I love the simple basic design of this bag. It holds all the essentials for my VFR or IFR training flights including cross country flights. Side pockets hold spare pen/pencils, fuel stick, small flashlight, etc. The other nice thing is that I can carry my headset in a roomy headset compartment. Sometimes the ones that are attached are too small to cram the headset in there or if they do fit the headset its in a separate bag. Comfortable shoulder strap that is big and wide. Couple problems: tacky stuff on the underside of the shoulder strap wears off with daily use - for CFI's who fly everyday this can be annoying to have little black stuff on your white shirt. The other thing is big for me -- the stupid stitching began to fall apart on the top compartment. The zippers were perfect as far as I'm concerned. Like I said, I use mine everyday and love it with this last big exception.
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Great bag, poor zippers

  • By Steve from Bloomsburg, PA on Saturday, October 10, 2009
  • Pros: Great size, great function
  • Cons: Poor quality zippers
  • Review: I've been using this bag for just over a year now. The bag is great for size. Hold my ANR headset easily. Lots of room inside for kneeboard, charts etc. The only gripe I have of this bag is the poor quality zippers. After about a month the zippers began to separate. This has been a ongoing problem with this bag. Would easily be rated 5 stars if not for the zippers.
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