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Be careful of strap

  • By Michael from Ridgecrest CA USA on Monday, September 22, 2014
  • Pros: good size
  • Cons: Cheap strap attachment point.
  • Review: Overall this looks like a good product. But the first time I pick up the bag by the shoulder strap the attachment point on one end broke and it fell to the floor landing on my headset. While it did not damage my headset I was not very happy about that happening. The attachment point are cheaply made and should be reinforced. In the bag I had my log book, POH, maps, airport directory, radio and two headsets. All up it weight about 15lbs, so not very heavy and only about 60% full, so I would not have expected the strap attachment point to break.
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really good but not perfect

  • By Andy Sells from Greenfield OH USA on Tuesday, March 08, 2011
  • Pros: material , compartments , handels
  • Cons: zippers , shoulder strap attachment points , 3in. longer / wider 1 in. deeper
  • Review: I work for the rail road , and I really do like the bag . But I would change three things 1.) heavy duty zippers like what carrheart uses 2.) 3-4 inches longer and wider 3.) 2 inches deeper or taller however you want to look at it.  The first trip I took with it the shoulder strap pulled out of the bag . The little loops that are used don't make sense the handles go all the way around the bag , and if you had a strap that went from one end to the other down and under the bag with metal loops on the end it would be bullet proof . Now the good it is a great bag tough I love the compartments and the radio pocket is great !!!  This bag was made for pilots not rail roaders but if you made the bag with the changes that I mentioned above I would buy from your company again in a heart beat! I would be willing o pay $130.00 or so .   Right now my only other alternative is a company called Red Oxx rail road grips for about $180.00 . Alot of conductors and engineers have asked about my bag . Thank you Andy Sells
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looks ok until you put the hands on it

  • By A Customer from Switwerland on Monday, October 07, 2013
  • Pros: very good size
  • Cons: zips are not too good and the bag it's too soft for the size. the shoulder strap isn't well done and the materials feels cheap
  • Review: The product is quite ok but it just feel cheap, very cheap. compartments are useful and well organized, when filled up the bag looks quite big. some of stiffer parts would have made the bag better.
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Decent bag - one of the largest out there

  • By A Customer on Monday, February 25, 2008
  • Pros: Size; tall bag; removable pockets; will fit large binders
  • Cons: Few small compartments; no rubber feet; expensive for Made in China; forget the laptop!
  • Review: If you are looking for the largest, tallest bag, this may be it. The bag is not without its limitations. First of all, for a bag this size and this price range, it should have rubber feet of some sort for protection. Even though there are plenty of large compartments, there are very few smaller ones. The front pocket is NOT large enough for any laptop that I have ever used, so forget it. Maybe if you have a tiny laptop.  Also, the compartment is hardly padded, and I would hesitate putting a laptop in it, even if it DID fit, which it does not! I am puzzled at this laptop claim, it is borderline false advertising. The bag is certainly a decent flight bag without the need to claim that it is also a laptop bag. The amount of padding is decent, but I would like to see a little more. The headset compartments are tall and narrow, but fit headsets OK. I would also like to see more padding on those ends, but it is borderline sufficient. The transciever pocket is really useful if you have a hand held radio or a GPS. The bag is fairly expensive, considering it is made in China. For the price one would expect a little more. The quality looks OK and it remains to be seen how long it will hold up. Still, it is a good buy if you like carrying everything with you. I don't think you'll find anything bigger. It is also tall so if you put in tall binders and books you do not have to struggle to close it. If you run out of room with this bag, you probably carry too much with you.
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Just the right thing

  • By Diane from Santa Barbara CA USA on Thursday, January 10, 2008
  • Pros: Size, number of compartments, quality of product
  • Cons: None that I know of
  • Review: This was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He is thrilled with the product.
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