Aircraft Tie-Down Kit

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Get some good ones

  • By Flyboyron from Northern IL on Saturday, April 02, 2011
  • Pros: Easy to use, remove
  • Cons: TOO damned easy to pull out and remove
  • Review: These are well-known in the aircraft industry as junk. They just aren't strong enough to withstand any serious wind. I've seen a few airplanes pulled up in storms at air shows, and most of them were tied down with these. The metal pieces either break, or just bend, and the ropes come off.
    They're great for tying out your little dog (that's what they really are for), but not an airplane capable of producing thousands of pounds of lift. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!
    Or at least, don't park next to my airplane with these.
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Made in China

  • By Sharon from Mooresville NC USA on Monday, June 29, 2009
  • Pros: Good ropes
  • Cons: Weak metal ground fasteners.
  • Review: First time ever using this kit, we twisted one of the metal skewers half in two with bare hands. The ground was firm, but the end points could have been sharper and the metal stronger.
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