Pilot USA PA 17-79T ANR Headset

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Best I have tried so far...

  • By Be1900 and Q400 Pilot from Seattle, WA on Monday, January 09, 2012
  • Pros: Comfortable, quite, still good with dead batteries.
  • Cons: Not the best ANR you can buy, but still great.
  • Review: I used this headset for 2 years of commercial flying in regional turboprops so far. I have also had Lightspeeds, David Clarks, and Bose, and I like these best. One good thing about them is that if the battery dies, you still have a great headset that you can use just fine, unlike the Lightspeeds, that turn into a complete pile of junk with dead batteries. They are super comfy, provide great noise reduction. Perhaps not the best active noise reduction, but they are within 95% of the others, and still being useful after the battery dies, that makes them the best choice that I have used so far.
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Really Quiet and Really Ugly

  • By Chip from DuPage, IL on Wednesday, January 29, 2014
  • Pros: Very quiet and comfortable
  • Cons: Rather ugly and muddy voice
  • Review: Starting with the out of box experience, this is one darn ugly headset, and the POH is rather thin. Getting past the ugly factor, the design philosophy of this headset is to make it field repairable. The cord is detachable and easily replaced, the power switch is a standard plunger on the earcup, the microphone boom has a replaceable cord on the earcup, the charger jack doubles as the boom input and the auxiliary input is also a standard 1/8 jack on the earcup. All of this gives you a handful of jacks and cables on the earcup which looks pretty ugly, but remember, cables are the weak spot on every headset. Even if you take good care of your headset vibration will likely take its toll, so I believe the replaceable cables are a good solution, despite the ug factor.

    After charging up the headset it was time to give it a test drive. The headset is comfortable, although a little taller. So tall that I was scrapping the headband on the ceiling and had to lower my seat. Even without using ANR the headset is very quiet, and with the ANR running the headset made for a very different and cozy flying experience. This is, indeed, one very quiet headset. One reason for the noise reduction is that this headset also limits the frequency response of the microphone, so everyone on the intercom will appreciate hearing less prop wash, but the downside is that voice sounds a little muddier. The music input frequency response is not limited, but keep in mind that this headset is not designed for the recording studio.

    So its ugly, and voice is a little muddy sounding, but the headset is comfortable and very quiet.
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