Reviews for Cyclic & Collective More Art and Science of Flying Helicopters

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Excellent and professional reading material

  • By Patrick from West Palm Beach FL USA on Tuesday, March 31, 2009
  • Pros: covers all aspects of helicopter systems, operation and flying, easy to understand
  • Cons: you have to read it which takes a little bit of time
  • Review: Excellent and professional reading material for those who want learn more than a syllabus. It covers all aspects of helicopter flying, starting with the easy stuff and basics and goes on with more detailed knowledge concerning all kind of helicopter operations, systems and flying skills. Even toppics you will not read about in other books are covered like wearing a helmet or not. Written from a professional for professionals or those who are on the way to become one. By far one of the best books ever published.
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Know before you go!

  • By Jerry from Penns Grove NJ USA on Tuesday, June 01, 2010
  • Pros: Takes a difficult subject that is dry and boring and presents the material in a way that anyone can understand.
  • Cons: I'd change the cover of the book,
  • Review: Had someone gave me this book prior to starting flight school and I had taken this book to study for about 6 months, I would have saved thousands and thousands of dollars in flight training. Flight schools are mostly conducted by pilots with little experience that are trying to get enough flight hours to get a real job, paying a decent amount of money that they can live on, they are not concerned about your knowledge of the how and why. This book covers in detail the how and why, so had I read it, I would have been able to go thru flight school much faster, and not wasted a lot of time, learning in the air burning up the flight meter trying to figure it out on weekends. Flight Instructors should be paid better than commercial pilots, so that there is an incentive for first rate instructors to actually care about teaching, I highly recommend this book as a must for someone that is remotely interested in going down the path of flight training.
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