Reviews for David Clark H10-56HXL Headset (for helicopters)

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They get the job done

  • By A Customer from Allendale NJ USA on Monday, November 07, 2011
  • Pros: Cheaper than Bose & Zulu, Good Passive Noise Cancelling
  • Cons: Heavier, can be irritating to the ear after long periods of use
  • Review: I fly in Astar 350 helicopters, and am usually in the seat about 6 hours a day on average. I don't even use the noise cancelling to be honest... I can't really even tell that much of a difference. They provide ample enough passive noise cancelling from the suction of the ear cups themselves. After about 4 hours of wearing them, I find myself readjusting quite a bit because my one ear starts to get bothered. However, I think that for someone who is not going to be in the seat as much as myself, it would OK. Also, the noise cancelling may be a lot more useful when flying with the doors off, which I used to do a lot before I had these. I will probably end up getting a pair of Lightspeeds or the new Bose A20 so I can play music...and have continued lightweight comfort throughout my long usage of the headset during the day.
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  • By Rob from California on Monday, February 19, 2007
  • Pros: Passive Sound Attentuation
  • Cons: Battery Life could be better for the 9V version.
  • Review: To Start with, I primarily fly a Schweizer 300c Helicopter, and its not the quietest ride and I wanted a good unit.
    I got this after spending alot of time looking at the 3G and Bose ANR units. I chose it for the following reasons:
    1.) I have used many D/C units and I am a BIG fan of them. The wieght isn't an issue for me, so it didn't factor into the equation for me.
    2.) MUCH cheaper than the Bose for a sturdier product.
    3.) Better than any other headset passive sound rejection if the batteries go dead on the ANR. My instructor has a Bose, and several times his batteries have gone dead and he can't hear the radio or me on the intercom. I have had my battery go dead once while in flight (being cheap and I knew I needed to change it) and low freq sound from the engine did increase, it wasn't horrible and I could still use the radio and hear the intercom.
    3.) Better built than the Lightspeed ANR's I was looking at.
    4.) I have a smaller head, and have not experience any clamping problems (if you do, pry / spread the headband apart for a better fit).

    Things I would like to see in it or upgrades:
    1.) Audio input like the 3G. If I were to get another headset, I would like to find someone and try them out becuase of this feature. Not a big fan of the after market gadgets that do the same thing, to clumsey for a small cockpit.
    2.) Oregon Aero Ear seals for added sound attentuation using glasses.
    3.) Cheaper cables for switching back and forth from Fixed-Wing and Helicopter ($90 each). Currently using a Heli-GA adapter I got for $44 here from mypilotstore.
    4.) Better battery life. The bose does as good with (2) AA batteries.......
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DC not for me.

  • By Mike from Planet Earth on Saturday, April 26, 2008
  • Review: I bought these after a lot of research. These are an excellent headset, although there are just a few faults which I didn't like. 1. Really heavy. If you wear a baseball cap, you will experience pain on the top of your head (where the button of the cap is) after 1 hour. It hurts a lot. 2. Clamping pressure is too much. I felt like my head was in a vice after 1 hour. 3. I emailed David Clark to get some technical information but received no reply. Also, it looks like their website has some out of date links. That's not how to run a business. 4. Doesn't come with a bag! What? $700 and no bag? Even a $5 bag? Come on, now. 5. ATC on the last 2 flights remarked that my transmissions were difficult to read due to static. That's the first time I'd had that problem, and occurred on the 2nd and 3rd flights with the DCs. Okay, the good stuff. 1. Build quality is pretty good, I couldn't find fault with it. Very solid feel. 2. Passive NR is excellent (due to the clamping pressure). I loved that they were quiet even without ANR switched on. 3. With ANC switched on, everything went quiet. Very nice ANC. 4. MyPilotStore will beat advertised prices. Do some searching, there are cheaper out there, then come back and buy through these guys because their service and return policy are both excellent (some other retailers either didn't have any return policy or they didn't bother to email me back when asked about business for them, then). Conclusion I would have kept them if it had not been for the clamping pressure on the sides of my head and the pain from the button on my baseball cap at the top. I know I could cut the button off...but every baseball cap? Noise cancelling is great, but if you can't wear them for one reason or another, what's the point? I returned them and bought the Lightspeed Zulu. My review should be in the loong list of reviews over there.
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excellent headset

  • By A Customer from Bullsbrook WA Australia on Wednesday, March 13, 2013
  • Pros: very quiet in an R22
  • Cons: short cord to battery compartment
  • Review: excellent noise cancellation, cord to the battery compartment could be a bit longer, had to purchase an extension...
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Does what it says on the can

  • By Carlos from Glendale CA USA on Monday, March 18, 2013
  • Pros: comfortable, noise cancelling, good quality
  • Cons: battery life, short cord length
  • Review: - At its price the headset should come with a bag
    - Battery life could be better
    - The coil cord is to short whether that be from the battery box to the cockpit connector, and also the headset to the battery box
    - However, these to me are not prohibitive remarks and all in all I am very happy with it. It is my first headset and I would absolutely recommend this product
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