Reviews for Pilot USA P-1151ACB Pilot Cadet Headset - Blue/Red

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Never buy an off brand

  • By A Customer from Grand Rapids, MI on Tuesday, October 20, 2009
  • Pros: Looks cool, fits kids well
  • Cons: Quality is not there, you get what you pay for, buy David Clark
  • Review: Worked well and fit ok upon first initial use. The cord was VERY LOW quality, cracks and splits have been numerous in the outer casing of the cord. As soon as you repair a couple, some more show up! I will in the near future have to have a new cord wired into the headset. Very disappointed in the quality.
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Returned this item

  • By V35B on Saturday, January 17, 2009
  • Pros: Flexible boom on the mic. My two year old loved wearing them even though they did not fit very well.
  • Cons: Only able to intermittently hear audio spoken from the mic. Ear seals too large for small child and head band does not shrink down small enough.
  • Review: Even though these headsets are sized for a 1.5-10yr old they do not fit my 2yr old at all. He still loves wearing them but the ear seals end up cupping his jaw. The head band does not adjust down small enough to get rid of the inch gap at the top of his head so the cushion can rest on top of his head. The reason for returning was not size related. I know he will grow into them. I returned them because the mic was very hard to activate with normal voice. It would only intermittently pick up the audio from it. You had to yell into it or place it almost directly in your mouth to get it to pick up.
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